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Learning Speaking Tips Home Ramai Audience

/ Mar 20, 2010 /
1. Prepare presentation materials for us, what needs to be discussed, a short, solid, make point-pointnya. Try to always be written so that it is easy to read, during a presentation, and make us better focus of what we deliver.

2. Prepare a presentation of our performance. Notice how we look from the bottom up, shoes, make clean, pants, shirt, try color harmony with tie, jacket. Hair neat, and others, this is an important factor that makes us more confident when speaking.

3. Practice speaking in front of the glass, with your spouse, relatives, people invite their nearest and assess your performance. Prepare intonation, style, wording,

4. Prepare the positive mentality that you can do it even though the first time, remember there is always a starting point in a stepped, there maxim of China said that, starting from step 1000 first step.

5. Always evaluate yourself after exercise, perhaps by recording your voice through HP, or other recorder.

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