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/ Jul 18, 2010 /
Amin Fatah Mascan : Unbelievers are the hands of demons, a mission to mislead people from the path of righteousness and bring to the valley of hell fire. Both Christians and Jews into the context of the infidels, they will not give up the child according to adam ideology teachings of the Koran, this is a statement that expressed by the Koran. ISRAEL IS REAL TERRORIST.

Currently through the emergence of Israeli military aggression into Gaza, to show the truth of the expression above. Zionist soldiers devastated Palestinian residents who until now has claimed thousands of civilians, most of them are children. Attack on Palestine should not enter the war in the context of Israel versus Hamas, as they claim they are, but non-Muslim opponents of Islam. Because the reality of the majority of victims in the field speak of this attack were civilians who did not know the conflict between Israel and the Hamas.

Saturday, January 10, 2009 Java Pos newspaper proclaiming the tragedy that killed 30 civilians, begins on January 4, then, a number of Israeli troops evacuated some 110 citizens of Palestine into a house in Zaetun. Ironically after 24 hours sedadu membrondong Zionist bullets into the house, cash for 30 residents and several people were wounded in the action. But what Israel's response? They admitted to not knowing the problem.

The author agrees that the West and Israel known as The Real Terrorists, as heralding an alliance digembor Ponorogo students in action long march through the city several days ago. Apart from the cases that have killed dozens of people on top, America and Israel through the support of President George Bush has meluluh lantakkan Muslim country, Iraq last year, just because of allegations of storing weapons of mass destruction that until now there has not been proven. If calculated already berepa thousand residents who were killed by Israel and its allies acted, a crime victim if diprosentase with Imam Samudra, cs, certainly more corpses who died at the hands of Zionists and their allies. Whichever is more appropriate so-called terrorists, Amrozi cs what Israel? Muslim or infidel?

Essentially Zionist soldiers into Gaza invasion is the destruction of Muslims are invisible. On the other hand they also use tersenbunyi way in breaking down the generations Mohammed and formed embryos syaithaniah on this earth. Through the media, both print and electronic information access as well as teach them the world community cultures in contrast with Islamic doctrine. Juvenile delinquency, the action scenes of pornography or sexually arousing and increase in cases of sexuality in the archipelago is part of the paradigm of the influence of western culture. This is a far cry from the conditions surrounding the sixties and, where television has not flourished in plosok Indonesia. At that time whistle to a girl only, is assumed as a despicable act that violates the norms of society and religion, as where the stories of women who never breast-feeding author. But as where to this time, not just whistle, held hands, hugged, tandem, making out as the fairness of young people appreciated the moment.

In the economic sphere too, with its ally Israel to educate people of the world with the concepts of transactions that harm other parties to get their profit maximization. For example the practice of usury, monopoly of trade and other fraud-deception. Through the media, they also cultivate a negative image of Islam. Religion-dengunkan didengung Muhammad as a terrorist religion and conservative, although its existence Islam is a religion-friendly and have flexibility over the times. ISRAEL IS REAL TERRORIST.
As Muslims, we should be wary of attacks, either physical or west that leads to destruction of Islamic ideology. But the invasion idieologi should take priority, given the system that applied more subtle, so many Muslims who do not feel oppressed by them. Snap!!

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Anonymous on: July 18, 2010 at 8:51 AM said...

Islamic Terror Attacks for First Part of 2010:

{ FAISAL HILMI } on: July 19, 2010 at 10:03 AM said...

i agree for you argumant

{ KANG uchiha } on: July 19, 2010 at 7:46 PM said...

I hate israel. Tapi orang islam skarang aja yg bodoh . Gak da persatuan. Orang islam skarang rela tempat rasul muhammad SAw melakukan isra miraz di duduki orang kafir. Saya prihatin.

{ Andi } on: July 26, 2010 at 4:23 PM said...

yap..bener tuh...terrorist sejati..

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