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Tips: To Be Adult

/ Aug 24, 2010 /
Adolescents. The period we're dealing with is in the middle. Why is it called in the middle? Because the physical and psychic seorangramaja has still unstable. A teenager sometimes even often behave like children. But we are not Aak-boy! We have entered adulthood.  8 Characteristics Adults.

Many families, especially the demands of the parties so that we become people dewas. Maybe you ever advised or even to be able angry behave more mature. This demands a good and well. Ang demands make us semaki n wise, mature and certainly as adults.

Oh yes, there is one important note that we become adults. Not that we are required today, then look at pornographic pictures or videos. Not berarati also because kitaingin adult, then the sex act prematurely.
So that we can pass the good with teen. So that we become adults. In order to meet the demands of parents. Consider practicing nd Tip: In order to become adults:

First, we know which are good and which are bad.

Second, we prioritize which biases the first and greatest. Which should dilakuakan first, which can diakhirkan.

Third, we can solve ourselves, and can also help resolve the problems of others (especially those closest) without harm either party.

Fourth, not run from problems.

Fifth, we can be fair and wise in making decisions. Teargeasa no haste, but not long-winded.

Sixth, dear to ourselves and care for others danlingkungan around.

Seventh, to practice obedience. Away from what is forbidden and what God run commands and Rasulallah. Also diligent in implementing the sunnah practice.

Eighth, is more concerned with others rather than oneself.

Faith in our own self, we can become a mature person. We can pass through difficult times as a teenager and be a mature person.

Tip: To Become Adults can also be interpreted as properties of a mature person. So, 8 Characteristics Adults.

By practicing Tips:To Be  Adult above, be sure and prove it, we can be adults.

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