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Children Mbah Maridjan Prepare Letter To The President

/ Nov 3, 2010 /
Sleman - Asih Maridjan child caretaker of Mount Merapi Ki Surakso Hargo or Mbah Maridjan had prepared a letter to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyo scheduled for Wednesday (3 / 11) will visit refugee catastrophic eruption of Mount Merapi.

"I will give this letter to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono during a visit to the barracks," said Asih Maridjan while showing reporters covering letter to the Minister of Social Affairs in the barracks Wukirsari, Sleman, Tuesday.

Maridjan Asih letter written in Refugee Barracks in the village of Wukirsari of them contained for displaced residents whose homes were destroyed and livelihoods lost like that afflicts most of the residents in Kinahrejo, Pelemsari, and surrounding assisted in order to get home and livelihood.

Moreover, in his letter Asih asked President for the children who had been unable to schools from the disaster of losing books, clothing, and damaged school facilities for school.
He hoped that the President gave an award and aid rope decent compassion for the volunteers who died in the rescue of residents during a disaster slopes of Merapi, including members of PMI Bantul origin Said Dr. Priya and journalists Yuniawan Wahyu Nugroho.
"They are both very worthy to be president because the award is active in helping us during the evacuation," he said.

Asih said the refugees hope that the President is pleased to provide assistance for those who lost property such as motor vehicles and their animals at this time because residents have not had anything else and the house.

"We believe, the President can give us the wisdom of this request. I hope the President's family were given health and strength to lead the country and this nation for the better," he said
Source: ANTARA

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