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Obama Not Need iPad, Select iReggie

/ Dec 3, 2010 /
A number of foreign leaders began to idolize the iPad. Interestingly, as president of the producing countries iPad, Barack Obama should feel no need to use a tablet computer Apple Inc's creations.

A reporter managed to overhear a conversation between Obama's brief with the Prime Minister of Thailand, Abhisit Vejjajiva, the reason why he did not need the iPad. It was the middle of the two leaders attended a forum meeting in Yokohama, Japan, 13 November 2010.

"So you like the iPad you?" Obama asked to Abhisit, as manifested a journalist told CNN. Abhisit nodded before turning to Obama asking if he also has the iPad.

"These days I have someone really who brought my books. That 'iPad' me," Obama replied. He was referring to the loyal assistant, Reggie Love, as the "iPad" personal.

In an interview with the New York Times journalist last October, Obama expressed similar things. "I have iReggie, which brings me books, newspapers, and music," said Obama.

As president of the superpower, the father of Sasha and Malia that do have a lot of assistants and subordinates. So do not need sophisticated equipment IPAD as a personal assistant.

For business gadgets, Obama appears to be still loyal to the BlackBerry. But the smart phone was rarely used since he was busy as president.

But, that does not mean Obama is anti iPad. According to reporters who overheard a conversation in Yokohama, Jonathan Weisman, Obama said to Abhisit that he had bought the iPad to his wife, Michelle. (Umi - Viva)

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