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Chatting Experience to Improve English

/ Mar 20, 2010 /
There are several english skills which started from Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and so on. All of these skills is a must when you want to communicate with other people which different country. We must have a lot of exercise for every skill so your english skill get better and better, your goal is fluency. Fluency mean you speak automatically, without thinking about grammar rules, translation. You can feel that everything sounds right and wrong.

As you know, to get english better you must a lot of exercise. We can take an example like chatting. Basically, we learn english, so that, we can communicate with other people, so english is for communication, first you must communicate with other, don’t worry about grammar rules, forget about mistake, since the old day you will find out what is right and wrong.

What kind of thing that we have from chatting?, of course, we’ll get a lot benefit like new vocabulary, pronounciation, and so on. When we learn in this way, you will feel relax, enjoy, so new vocabulary, rule, will easily to remember. Subconscious learning is a method that is very effective, we are not boring at all, most of student don’t realize that the biggest challenge with english learning is boring, they get discourage, and finally they quit.

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