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Negative Impact of Internet

/ Mar 20, 2010 /
Dependence on the Internet starting reaching major cities in Indonesia. Unfortunately not all of them had a positive impact, even far more dominant Internet users doing negative activities. To be able to take appropriate action, prior to a clear understanding and practical to an unhealthy dependence will this internet. Addicted to the cyber world is divided into five categories.

1. Cybersexual addiction
the obsession to view, download and trading in pornography. Chat rooms containing fantasy and role playing for adults are also included in this category.

2. Cyber-relational addiction
is the excessive involvement in the relationship through the internet (such as through chat rooms and virtual affairs) to lose contact with the relationships that exist in the real world.

3. Net gaming
ie similar addiction for gambling, gaming, shopping and activities of buying and selling shares through the Internet that disrupt work and / or result in debt.

4. Information overload
Since finding the information that is not exhausted available on the Internet, a number of people willing to spend long hours to collect and organize various information.

5. Computer addiction
The research found that few organizations have a negative impact as a result of addiction to games off-line (like Solitaire and Tetris are popular in the 1980s decade ago), which is an average of many installed in the computer.

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