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The virtue of Prayer in congregation in the mosque

/ Mar 23, 2010 /
The virtue of Prayer in congregation in the mosque. Prayers at the mosque for a man greater than prayers at his home. In accordance with the hadeeth of the Prophet Muhammad following:

عن عبد الله بن عمر رضي الله عنهما أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال, "صلاة الجماعة أفضل من صلاة الفذ بسبع وعشرين درجة" متفق عليه.

Abdullah bin Umar ra. that the Prophet SAW said, "Prayer in congregation is better than praying alone by 27 degrees." (Reported Muttafaq 'alaihi)

ولهما عن أبي هريرة رضي الله عنه "بخمس وعشرين جزءا وكذا للبخاري عن أبي سعيد رضي الله عنه وقال," درجة. "

And history via the second but Abi Hurairah ra. stated, "with 25 parts." And the history according to Abu Said lafadz Bukhari; "degrees."

Some scholars interpret the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad prayed together fadhilah greater than 27 degrees to pray alone or 25 parts, by providing some provisions, which were conducted prayers at the mosque at the beginning of time.

The prayers at home, or in the mosques, but outside of the main prayers, or pray alone but in the mosque, outside the purpose of all the above hadith.

Among fadhilah secret prayers at the mosque are:

1. Before walking to the mosque, when someone makrooh at home, not makrooh in the mosque, he has been rewarded for wudhu'nya.

2. When she wore clothes and perfume with the intention for going to the mosque, then he will get its own reward. Because God Almighty has ordered that a person entered the mosque decorated each.

3. When someone walked into the mosque by foot, each step was a good leg to bring its own reward.

4. When he entered the mosque, someone will get a reward when they read a prayer in the mosque.

5. Still when entering the mosque, he also will be rewarded when he stepped with his right foot.

6. Once inside the mosque, someone will have the opportunity to get a reward from tahiyatul mosque prayer.

7. Then when someone sitting in the mosque waiting for the prayer time, he had somewhat to do when he meniatkannya I'tikaf. According to As-syafi'iyah schools, I'tikaf can be provided with the intention and stay in the mosque, though only for a moment.

8. Once adzan reverb, she also will get a chance to get its own reward by listening adzan and answer. Especially when he himself is doing adzan.

9. After hearing adzan, he'll get a chance to get good again when he read the prayer after adzan.

10. Adzan prayer finished, he'll get another chance to reward qabliyah sunnah prayers.

11. After iqamat buzzed, then the priest set the line, he will be rewarded again when watching the priest and joined ranks to set straight and tight.

12. At the time of congregational prayer performed, he would follow all the good priest movement. If the priest stood up, then he stood up, when the priest bowing, then he bow down, prostrate priest if he prostrate. His actions followed itusudah priest brings its own reward.

13. When the priest came to the reading "waladhdhaallin", he replied, "Subhanallah." The answer was to bring its own reward.

14. He also will get a special reward when he said good-bye to the right and left, than when praying alone at home, or in congregation at home. Because it regards the prayer for the people in the right and left. And because the mosque congregation of more, then the prayer will receive much more.

15. Obligatory prayers finished, he will be rewarded again when reading some lafadz dhikr or prayer.

16. Then the next opportunity is when he ba'diyah praying sunnah prayer.

17. Inside the mosque, he would have met with many other congregational prayers. When meeting and greeting, he will get its own reward.

18. With a greeting, when he also shook hands, then he will get its own reward.

19. Her smile to a fellow brother is charity. And this will menambahlagi chance to be rewarded.

20. As he parted with his fellow worshipers in the mosque, then he will get a reward when greeting or returned the greeting.

21. He also will be rewarded if followed by shaking hands when going to split up with fellow Muslims.

22. When he came home from the mosque, he read a prayer out of the mosque. It adds more reward.

23. In the mosque open opportunities for berinfaq, so when he took the opportunity, he will get special reward from berinfaq.

24. Inside the mosque is often held sermons or tribunal science (Kultum). When he listened to the advice and delivery of science with the intention of running the command of Allah and studying it because it is obligatory, then he will get its own good.

25. When he came out, he stepped with his left foot. One more additional reward will be earned.

26. When he returned, he took another path that is not equal to the bypassed roads when going to the mosque. This is the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad that would bring its own reward.

27. Every step a foot back from the mosque, then he will get another reward of its own.

Grain-buitr chance to pick a reward in the texts is not obtained from the sharih and unified, but from the various propositions that were strewn-hoarse, and collected. Of course there were not only the 27 part course, there will be many more.

However, the above description merely provides one example of ijtihad of the scholars version when describing the secret of why the prayer in congregation in the mosque is better than any other prayer.

Of course not all people who pray at the mosque in congregation will have all the opportunity. Because not all do the things above.

But the point we want to give exposure that behind keutaman prayers at the mosque, there are logical reasons to be drawn as a foundation.

At the very least, the things above will give reasons why the prayer in congregation at the main mosque to do more.

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