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BENEFITS PUASA Monday - Thursday

/ Mar 23, 2010 /
BENEFITS PUASA Monday - Thursday. BASED opinions of medical experts, fasting can give various benefits to the practice, among them for peace of mind, overcome stress, increase endurance, and maintain the health and beauty. Fasting than useful for peace of mind to avoid stress, can also be a healthy body and can help cure various diseases.

In addition, fasting can make young or delay aging process. So that the physical condition is always healthy and fit, the organs of the body must get a chance to rest. This may be done by fasting.

Fasting for Muslims is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and is one of the obligatory prayer during Ramadan. For Muslims, fasting is one of worship to be done. There is fasting must be done in the month of Ramadan, but there are also fast-sunna fasting like fasting of David, Arafat fasting, fasting Monday-Thursday, and other sunna fasting.

Several experts from Western countries and Eastern has researched and proved the benefits of fasting. Three experts from the Western non-Muslims have expressed their opinions about the benefits of fasting.

The third person is an expert Allan Cott, MD, an expert from America, Dr. Yuri Nikolayev Director of the diet on a Psychiatric Hospital of Moscow, and Alvenia M. Fulton, Director of the Institute of Healthy Food "Fultonia" in America.

Allan Cott, MD, has brought together the observations and research scientists of the country, then in a book menghimpunnya Why the experienced Fast reprinted 17 times within eight years. In the book, Allan Cott, M.D. disclose various wisdom of fasting, among others:

a. To feel better physically and mentally (to feel better physically and mentally).

b. To look and feel younger (look and feel younger).

c. To clean out the dust (clean body)

d. To lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels (lowering blood pressure and fat levels.

e. To get more out of sex (better able to control the sex).

f. To let the health body itself (make the body healthy by itself).

g. To relieve tension (relax their stress).

h. Sharp to the senses (sensory function sharpening).

i. To gain control of oneself (gain the ability to control themselves).

j. To slow the aging process (slowing the aging process).

Meanwhile, Dr. Yuri Nikolayev assessing the ability to fast causing the person to be forever young, as a discovery (science) the greatest of this century. He says: what do you think is the most important discovery in our time? The Radioactive watches? Exocet bombs? In my opinion the Bigest discovery of our time is the ability to make onself Phisically younger, mentally and spiritually through rational fasting. (In your opinion, is the most important discoveries in this century? Hours radioactive? Exoset bomb? In my opinion, the greatest discovery in this century is the ability of someone to make him stay young physically, mentally, and spiritually, through the rational fasting).

Alvenia M. Fulton, Director of the Institute of Healthy Food "Fultonia" in the United States stated that fasting is the best way to beautify and enhance your natural woman. Fasting produces tenderness and charm charm. Normalizing fasting female functions and re-create the beauty of the body (fasting is the best ladies beautifier, it brings charm and grace poice, it normalizes female functions and reshapes the body contour).

* *

PUASA has many lessons and benefits for your physical, mental tranquility, and beauty. When fasting, the organs of the body can rest and billions of cells in the body can raise themselves to survive. Fasting serves as a detox to remove dirt, toxins / poisons from the body, rejuvenate the body cells and replace cells that have been damaged by the new and to improve the function of hormones, making skin healthier and increase endurance because the human body has the ability natural therapies.

Fasting can make the skin a fresh, healthy, soft, and radiant. Because, every time the body has energy metabolism, namely the incident energy changes from the nutrients contained in the potential energy in the body. The rest will be stored in the body, kidney cells, skin cells, and eyelids as well as in the form of fat and glycogen.

Humans have a reserve of energy called glycogen. Energy reserves can last for 25 hours. This nutrient reserves at any time will be burned into energy, if the body does not receive food supplies from outside.

When fasting, the energy reserves stored in body organs removed so that the relief respiratory organs and the storage cells. This event is called the rejuvenation of cells.

By rejuvenating your body cells, would be useful to enhance immunity and health of our body and skin. Therefore, people who frequent fast skin will look fresher, healthier, soft, and radiant as the cell rejuvenation process in the body running well.

Food and beverages we consume every day, in addition to containing nutrients useful for our body, also contain toxic materials or poisons which accumulated in the body. Toxic materials or poisons in your body, if it is too much can cause problems in the body, among others, the body becomes easily tired, decreased immune system, so easily hurt.

With fasting, the body will use energy reserves. The use of these reserves of energy cause wasted toxins and cells of the body cleaned. In addition, digestion occurs in the venom expenditure was also due to the digestive equipment to rest so it can clean up, also including the large intestine which is the center of the dirt.

Fasting than useful for detoxification or toxin expenditure process as a whole, is also useful to add strength. This is caused by toxins on cells and tissues have been cleared, so that the organs of the body becomes cleaner and nutrients more easily absorbed into.

Fasting may help improve absorption of nutrients from the food they eat because the digestive tract, before the food is absorbed must undergo a process of change from the first solid to form the components of a highly refined. At the time of fasting, the digestive tract to rest for several hours. In the digestive tract diistirahatkannya would be better to process and absorb the food consumed, so that will be more powerful, healthy, and strong.
Always created conditions so that healthy, fit and pretty when fasting, preferably at sunset or dawn always eat healthy foods that meet the four elements of a healthy diet of five perfect and complete nutritious. In this way, of course, can support our fasting is done. (Surtiningsih, columnist / health observer) ***

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