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Got a gang suspected Gayus, Directorate General of Taxation Wins Must Thorough

/ Apr 3, 2010 /
Senior Advocate Adnan quoted Gaius Tambunan suspect did not play himself when accepting a bribe from a number of parties. Menengarai pitcher Gaius has a strong network to be able to manipulate the tax.

"People like you do not own this Gaius must have friends," said Buyung told AFP on Thursday (25/3/2010).

According to the Son, Gaius case proves weak supervision of the Directorate General of Taxation. Since entry into the bureau until 2010, Gaius has long operated.

"He (Gaius), it was 10-year period by the Ministry of Finance terendus not?" asked Son.

Founder YLBHI Directorate General of Taxation proposes to immediately improve itself. Including changing the system of internal control has been considered weak.

"Do not taken any action. Try to change from this case. I'm sure there's Gaius Gaius-other. It should be investigated thoroughly," he asserted.

Handling the case of Gaius, continued Son, will have an impact on public perception to pay tax. If law enforcement is weak, it is not impossible will be apathetic and lazy people pay taxes.

"Pay the tax, but still there are parties, such as Gaius, where people can believe in the future," he concluded.

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