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Tips Safety Credit Card Holder

/ Apr 3, 2010 /
As the more intelligent the breaker ATM. What do we feel lately pemberitan mass media so aggressively. Of course we do not want an ATM card / credit card stolen our content. It's actually a lot of info about how to safely transact ATM / credit card.

However, since a lot of friends who still do not know, who wishes to practice the steps tips for safe credit card transactions, we are farthest from the thieves who obviously will hurt us.

Here are 6 points Safety Tips Credit Card Holder / Tip Aaman Transaction:

1. Do not show your credit card to people who are not interested. If you give a credit card for transactions at merchants, make sure you are on the machine where friction and make sure officers are not copying the two sides of a credit card.

2. Disguise / close / delete just three points back of the (CVV / CVC) that is used for secure transactions on-line. previously memorized the three-digit CVV. Memorize it very difficult for your credit cards that have the 20 pieces (like my friend) but you might be able to record it, but remember a good store results of this note.

3. Do not give your credit card to be photocopied by the credit card sales, except digit CVV is closed.

4. Do not shop at the store on-line that asks you to fill in credit card data at the place directly, except on sites that implement the protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and have the SSL security certification such as VeriSign or Thawte SSL certificate.

5. Shop on-line are either not going to save his client's credit card data, will provide a good merchant credit card processing software connected to renowned and trusted payment gateway in the world such as,,, and Transcute . com

6. E-mail address on PayPal or Moneyboookers will become a user account (be careful with the junk email beisi or deceptive advertising / e-mail phishing) to trick the owner of the account to log in on the fake website.

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