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5 (Five) Keys Memorizing Science

/ Apr 3, 2010 /
Memorizing Science. What do you think: It's hard, easy or ordinary Wae. As teenagers, we should memorize the various sciences, in addition to understanding the preformance. Really not?

Let's see teenagers and young generation Isalam. They can memorize Al-Quyran and thousands of hadith, as well as science by rote. WOWW!

When I read the book Durratun Nasihin (pearls advice), by Shaykh Uthman ibn Ahmad ibn Hasan al-Shakir Khaubawy. He said the 5 (Five) Keys Memorizing Science, and who wants to be a scientist to do this is Kudu. What is 5 (Five) Memorizing Science's Key:

1. Prayers tonight though two rokaat
2. Melenggangkan wudlu
3. Piety to Allah SWT. in a state of light-teranganm or unknown others
4. Eating and Drinking for Worship power, not lust obey
5. Bersiwak (Brushing).

If indeed we are extremely difficult to memorize we need to do so. I am convinced, on the golden era of Islam, where the triumph of Islam is, where is the triumph of the human race. Whose name is 5 (Five) Keys dikatakatan above can certainly do it.

So worth it .. want to know the science, but a lot of eating, boro-boro night prayer, often maksiyat, naturally still perforated-belentong. Finally, existing studies difficult to memorize, easy lupanya.

Hopefully we can run 5 (Five) Keys Memorizing Science above. And finally rote science is not a problem.

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