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Tips To forbear staying long in the classroom

/ Apr 3, 2010 /
Tips To forbear staying long in the classroom. "Duh ... bored-bored! Let dech in class, who have learned through and through, want to make the head burst. Dech cave could die. "

What we feel like saying the above? Want to be a science, a remarkable achievement, but do not want in class, how ya ...?

At least shobat, there are seven (7) things we do in class?

1. listen to the delivery of knowledge from the teacher
2. read
3. discussion
4. memorize
5. the questions and tasks
6. record
7. hanging out with friends.

To answer the second paragraph he's on, when intending to get ilmum, prstasi amazing, of course the answer is to learn. And learn in school ya ... in the classroom. That means, however, we should like and love being in class. Here shobat, Tips To forbear staying long in the classroom:

1. Please say a prayer basmalah and learning before, the turn and finished learning

2. set of breaths we take, heningkan our minds, our intentions set datangb to school only to seek knowledge because God, not the intention of another or the temporal nature

3. any sense of boredom appears, sneaking, hearts and mind of disturbing when you learn. At that time we hsrus remember-that-must try the most glorious deeds, the main key is to learn the most. Even God did not hesitate to raise the rank of servants who want to study. So, immediately throw away the taste bosn, grow our spirit to tetapistikomah seek knowledge in the classroom.

4. grow and nurture respect for teachers. When we did not go to class on a particular lesson, it means that we have hurt the teacher concerned. Igat, our teachers tigkatnnya with our biological parents. That's how Islam teaches

5. when a break arrives, you should close the books. Exit kelaslah. Can snacks (if no money), or it will be better again praying dluha circumcision. Allowed into the library, but read the nonpelajaran. Time istirahtkan actually been designed or made let us get bored in class do not stop / take a break before continuing back to study.

Tips How To forbear staying long in his class. Let bermanfaatya ...
Hopefully we can get and the achievements of science increasingly uphill. Amiin ... ..

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