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/ Apr 3, 2010 /
Imam Ibn Qayyim said, "There is no limit of love more clearly than the word love itself; bring it over it will only add to escape and dry meaning. So perhaps the passage and explain the love that can not be clearly depicted essentially, except with the word love itself.

Most people are only giving an explanation in terms of causes, consequences, signs, amplifier-amplifier and the fruit of love and its rulings. Then the limit and love that they give the picture to rotate in the six mentioned above, although each differs in pendefinisiannya, depending on the knowledge, status, condition and his mastery of the issue. (Madarijus-Salikin 3 / 11)

Some Definitions Love:

The tendency of the whole heart constantly (to a loved one).
Willingness to accept all the loved ones wishes. Wholeheartedly tendency to prefer him than his own self and property, with good accord with the hide-homonym and openly, and then feel that love is still lacking. Mengembaranya heart because to find a loved one while oral ever mentioning his name.
Busied himself for a loved reminiscing and humiliating to him.

Distribution of Love

Worship Love is love that causes feelings of humiliation and honor Him and passionate heart-ngatnya to run all the commands and stay away from all larangaNya.
Such love is the subject of faith and unity that the perpetrators will get virtues which do not infinite. If this is all given to other than Allah then he fell in love with a meaningful shirk, ie associating partners with God in love.

Love for God as the beloved of God to love something, either a certain places, certain times, certain people, charitable deeds, words and the semisalnya. Such love, including love in order to love God. Love is in accordance with tabi'at (human), which belong to the loved ones of this type are:

Affection, such as affection of parents to their children and unfortunately to the indigent and poor people or sick people.

Meaningful love shy and respectful, but not included in the type of worship, such as love for a child to his parents, pupils to teachers or syaikhnya, and the semisalnya.

Lovely (fun) people to the everyday needs that would harm himself if not met, such as excitement to the food, drink, marriage, clothing, fraternity and friendship and the semisalnya.

Love-love thus included in the category of human love that is allowed. If kecintaanya helps him to love and obey God, the love of it, including obedience to God, and vice versa.

Loving God is the principal virtue And Inti Tauhid

Said Shaikh Abdur Rahman bin Nasir Al-Sa'dy, "Principal tawhid and core-sari is sincere and love to God alone. And that is the subject of lawyer-gods and the worship of nature worship that even a perfect unity will not improve a person except with his love of the Lord and surrender all of the elements of love to him, that he berhukum only to God by making I love to follow the love of God with which a servant would find happiness and serenity. (Al-Qaulus Sadid, p. 110)

Is a great need beyond eating, drinking, marriage and so forth.
Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said: "In the human heart there is love of something that he was praying and he ibadahi, this is a milestone for someone tall and strong heart and good spirit. As well they also have a love of what he ate, drank, married and others who with all this into a good life and human needs to penuhanan lengkap.Dan greater than the need for food, because if people do not eat it will only physical damage, but if not mentuhankan things it will damage the soul / stepping. (Jami 'Ar-Rasail Ibn Taymiyah 2 / 230)

Leisure when calamity

Ibn al-Qayyim said, "The truth is the person who loves something will get delicious love that he loves when it gets forgotten from the disaster that happened to him. He did not feel that it is unfortunate, though most people feel it as a catastrophe. Menguatlah love it even more so that he grew to enjoy and absorb catastrophe inflicted by the One who he loved. (Madarijus-Salikin 3 / 38).

Leads the blocking of Deeds.

Ibn al-Qayyim said (as he explained about the love of God): "That he is the most powerful reasons to be patient so as not menyelisihi and immoral acts to him. Because the real person would comply with something he loved, and each time increasing the power of love is stronger then it is consequential to abide in Him, not me nyelisihi and immoral acts to him.

Menyelisihi commandments of God and Him only adulterous sourced from a weak heart his love for Allah.Dan no distinction between people who do not engage in immoral acts because of fear of his master to engage in immoral because that is not love.
Until his remark, "So someone who was sincere in his love, he will feel controlled by his beloved who always accompany liver and raganya.Dan between genuine love is a sign he feels constantly monitor the presence of her lover that his deeds. (Thariqul Hijratain, p. 449-450)

To God's Love Will Eliminate the feeling of anxiety.
Ibn al-Qayyim said, "Between love and feelings of anxiety there is a difference and a large discrepancy as the difference between recall and in default, the love that menghujam in the liver will eliminate any doubt of his beloved.
And people who genuinely love him will be free from feelings of anxiety because of his presence tersibukkan with the One who loved them. And does not arise a feeling of anxiety except to those who neglected and turned away from God Subhannahu dhikr wa Ta'ala, and it is impossible to love to God in union with the attitude of anxiety. (Madarijus-Salikin 3 / 38)

Peak of Perfection is a Delicious And Fun.
Ibn al-Qayyim said, "The Lord Subhannahu wa Ta'ala loves the situation is not the same as the state loved him apart because no one besides the Creator of the most beloved hearts and Pengaturnya; He sesembahannya that I put my trust, his guardian, his Rabb, Pengaturnya, rizkinya giver, a deadly and resurrect. And with the love of God Subhannahu wa Ta'ala will reassure, turn on the spirit, encouraging good for the soul and illuminates the mind and pleasant views, and get rich interior. And nothing is more delicious and more all for a clean heart, for the good spirit and for the pure reason than love for God and longing to meet Him.

If the heart has felt the sweetness of love to God then it will not be defeated by love and be loved than Him. And every time growing passion for it will grow too pengham-Baan, submission and obedience to God Subhannahu wa Ta'ala and liberate themselves from servitude, submission obedience to other than Him. "(Ighatsatul-Lahfan, p. 567)

Beloved People of God Subhannahu Wa Ta'ala
Allah Ta'ala wa Subhannahu love and be loved. Subhannahu wa Allah the Exalted says in the letter of Al-Ma'idah: 54, which means: "Then Allah will bring a people whom God loves them and they love God."

Those who loved God Subhannahu wa Ta'ala:
Attawabun (people who bertau-bat), Al-Mutathahhirun (like ablutions), Al-Muttaqun (pious), Al-Muhsinun (like doing good) Shabirun (together bar), Al-Mutawakkilun (trust to God ) Al-Muqsithun (do justice).
The people who fight in Allah's way in a single line as if they were a sturdy building.
People who love-love, gentle to the believers. People who appeared izzah / honor of the Muslims in front of the infidels.
People who strive (seriously) in the way of Allah.
People who are not afraid to reproach men for charity with the sunnah. People who try to draw closer to God with worship worship sunnah after completing compulsory.

Causes God To Obtain Love Subhannahu Wa Ta'ala
Reading the Qur'an with thinking about and understand its meaning. Trying to draw closer to God with worship Subhannahu Sunnah wa Ta'ala after completing the compulsory worship. Always remember Allah Subhannahu wa Ta'ala, either with oral, liver, or with their limbs in every state. More priority to love God Subhannahu wa Ta'ala than he did when his desires to master himself.
Understand and explore the heart of the names and attributes of God.
Seeing the good and sustenance whether born or the inner.
Feel the humiliation and humility before God. Worshipping God on the third time last night (at the time of God descending into the sky world) to bermunajat Him, reading the Qur'an, to ponder and learn the etiquette of the heart in worship before God and seek forgiveness and repentance are closed by.
Sitting with people who have a sincere love to God from the scholars and preachers, listen and take their advice and did not speak except for a good conversation-being.
Avoid / eliminate the things that prevent the heart from the remembrance of Allah Ta'ala wa Subhannahu.

(Adapted from the sentence mutanawwi'ah fi abwab mutafarriqah by Muhammad bin Ibrahim Al-Hamd by Abu Muhammad).

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