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/ Apr 3, 2010 /
Without an extension disebutin initials "PD", a young friend with the initials ngelontok this already, because almost every day we see the promo clips soap opera "Early Marriage 'in RCTI, presented by Syahrul Gunawan and Agnetha Faltskog.

This soap opera was so dressed for viewers, especially for adolescents who emang close to the idiom of 'PD' alias confident. Soap operas that tell Mr. Ambassador (played by Rudy Salam) who makes his two children posesive depressed; played Attalarik Syach and Agnetha Faltskog. 60-minute duration of this soap opera story of two brothers who crave affection. Their parents are too busy with their own affairs, so there is no good communication between parent and child. If this already, can not you guess, how wild the kids. So the fair if they then jump in the life that he considers the best way to be selected. Includes free sex. Bablas free. Wes .... hewes hewes, bablas, imanne!

Rating aka impressions of superior value, show soap opera "PD" This is above the wind, the results from the ACNielsen survey period 24-30 June 2001 and then, it has also found that early marriage for 21.8 rating is better than "Wow ... beautiful" his SCTV , which on the weekend slipped to 19th. And in the rankings, Early Weddings are also on the first position, above the "Wow ... beautiful" which ranks second. Early marriage apparently will still occupy the top position. Why is that? Enlargement of the conflict, widening the clarity of characters and events is what makes me curious and waiting to see how confused the parents who are still very young? how the continuation of internal conflicts, which developed into a feud between their respective extern parents couple. (Source: Bulletin Sinetron)

Arguably, soap operas "PD" is to describe the existing reality in the association teenagers today. Should reply saying, Early Marriage rada-rada-like series "Dawson's Creek" was TPI. His theme is not separated from the problem of teenage slang. Only, "PD" is more focused on the phenomena MBA ngebahas aka Married by Accident. How does, if it happened? What Kayak tortured? How to cope with life like that? What about the future of the victim's life and also his son MBA? Why can happen like that? Questions about the adolescent's what makes us avid fond of this soap opera.

Early marriages of teenage life emang really represent. Especially when the teenagers who hang out free already pregnant. While to an abortion was afraid, because I'm so happened gacoannya want to marry him accountable-even by force. Finally, yes, choose candidates to raise their children despite bearing the status of the MBA. However, as the record, allegedly said to Agnes Monica even more proud and ignorant. Imagine, after play in the soap opera "Early Marriage", Agnes becomes the de that the MBA (married by accident) is the best solution to overcome the effects of a fruitful courtship teen pregnancy. Dear, Bener Bener kesleo brain-child!

It is true, the most frightening thing for teens in their free sex is the problem of pregnancy and infectious diseases. Thus, when their courtship very selective and rigorous so that pregnancy does not occur, neither the contracting sexually transmitted diseases teen friends But forget that the root of the problem is precisely that pacarannya activity. Just think, two different types of human being romantic couple, certainly near-deketan pengennya aja. If by chance far, live press the numbers on the phone, or the phone. Then laugh-ketiwi off homesickness, even not rarely interspersed talk "Ngalor-ngidul" which has nothing to do with problems of their slang. And if there is a chance, make an appointment to meet directly. If so already, do not expect you to control yourself. End? Relationship "outside-in" was no possible can you live. Ih, naudzubillahi mindzalik

Courtship = credit adultery

Recrimination, or the pointing-pointing about who is responsible kudu, okay. But remember, we have to jelly and do not accuse of origin, like the American style of government on September 11, yesterday, in which Bush immediately accused the Islamic group was behind the terror. As we know, when it jumbojet five aircraft belonging to U.S. airlines fell and three were successfully destroyed the "symbol" U.S. kedigdayaan; WTC (World Trade Center) and the Pentagon. So, if the problem of the MBA, you alleged that the wrong girl or guy, of course it is not taxable dong. Because, in fact the main problem is that pacarannya activity, pacaranlah culprit. So the kudu accused or appointed nose is the culture of this ignorance. Due to this tradition of relations between men and women become damaged, no longer meaningful and not sacred.

Why do you think feel kudu kok undergo courtship activity? Come on, who feel committed this sin you please answered, but inside each (emang dengerinnya how?), Want to know more closely? Want to have friends talk to vent? To be called behavior? Nyari want a new atmosphere? Loss, if there doski Dunk dianggurin cute? But definitely, already become a lifestyle dating teenagers. Bener, I think if not doing so is considered an ancient fear, horror if deemed squirt, allergies do not sell if a designation, if the title insecure children who do not have a "lust", or afraid of children who have received the predicate mental disorders. Well, anyway there are loads of titles deliberately created so that teens continue to follow-up with the lifestyle of this ignorance. So do not be surprised if all the mass media provide a necessary and must be lived teenagers, and dating is one of them. Pokoke, if not dating, not gaul deh. If no rendezvous, not exciting. Ouch, cash aja teenage friends who come up short of faith can simply believe in this slogan. Gaswat, son of danger, mate.

Do you want to join in. adolescent lifestyle bin untamed wild West? Need you to know, that girl over there, at the age of 17 has not been able gacoan, ortunya restless, including his son dong. So do not be surprised, nor surprise, then if they were given freedom by ortunya to mingle with their male friends with as they please. That way, numbers free sex in a country that emang let happen so, proved high. Now, a case of 'PD' could happen if the relationship between two opposite sex is so close and sticky. Therefore, it is not possible to do begituan when properly maintained and well. While the courtship, you know how its activities? That picture-nyerempet nyerempet act with adultery. And it was clear that it is haram aktivtas adultery. (Surat al-Isra [17]: 32)

Marriages are complicated, simplified slang encyclopedia

Humans often prefer the opposite-turning in evaluating a perbuatan.Sebab, which became the benchmark them in doing just rely on feelings and unwilling to use their minds. As a result, often made dizzy by his own decision. Well, the problem of free association, like the judge that the public good and the bad an action is only seen from whether the action was materially beneficial to him or not. That's one big, brur. Suer. Therefore, what we consider good, who knows even worse in the eyes of God. And vice versa. Allah's Word: "Perhaps you hate something, but it is very good for you, and may be (too) ye love a thing, but it is very bad for you, God knows, and you do not know" (Surat al-Baqara terj.: 216 ).

On second thought, aja kok want to worship hard for mercy, but would instead be given leads the highway. Well, the opposite-opposite emang. Try, to marry must pake aja ngurus diverse administration. Mending if only ngisi doang form, these envelopes with money pake ngisi lubricant all. Nuisance is not it?. Though it was a new step. Next, we were confronted with a regulation that limits the age of marriage in the Marriage Act, continued the prohibition is not allowed to marry while still in school. Ouch, seabrek reason to inhibit pernikahan.Itu including external constraints. In addition, there are also internal constraints, ie, not ready mentally and not yet established an alias is not got money.

For some teenagers can be with the soap opera "PD" This adds further confidence that the MBA is the best way if when they go out too far. Also if not impossible then there is a reckless teenager knocked up his girlfriend when their relationship was not sanctioned by ortunya. Serious is it? And this as evidence that the marriage was difficult, except if the "accident", but strangely, instead dipermudah.Astaghfirallah behavior slang free! This is damaging the democratic system. Here amburadulnya capitalist system. And certainly, not until the "case" Early Marriage This soap opera has inspired the youth then, that courtship tetep go ahead, if until the "event", it's easy, just ask dikawinin aja. Ouch, that way, so we are not afraid anymore of the deed sinners. Bener Bener-ngegampangin really in the business of sin.

Excuse dating people who really are not appropriate, however, because we can not know the opposite sex should be with the courtship, it reasons that are too far-fetched. The evidence of people going out and then continue the relationship with mahligai marriage is not a little that eventually divorce granted, whether it could be the reason that dating could perpetuate a relationship of love because it has come to know the opposite sex? Apparently we should hurry ninggalin dating as an activity that is not justified syara 'and even cause a big problem.

So, anything that is aired by the "PD" whether it's progress of the age, the glamorous life, slang or the other way, but one thing is for sure is being promoted by the soap opera "PD" is the legality or pembolehan going out to do. If the soap opera "PD" pacarannya Gunawan and Dini went too far, then the messages conveyed by the soap is allowed but not until the First Dating MBA. But whose names could not make things worse examples, however the legality of going out through the soap-soap operas such as "PD" does not solve the problem of sex, that is precisely the emergence of other, more complicated problems bin sophisticated.

Early pregnancy is the culmination of this soap opera, and then must continue their early marriage. Then, their parents had agreed to marry them, though with difficulty. Well, you got jelly mate, instead of there, it would poison the teen soap opera that remains dating may, if it matters later pregnancy lately, do not aborted are not human, that's about the message brought by "PD". So if anyone wants to go out Monggo, please, if later pregnancy, the marriage aja! Well, it Bener Bener-oblique way of thinking is insane aliases.

Come Back To Islam

We would have understood that his name is a human teenager, then the discussion about youth can not be separated from the discussion of him as a human. Thus the needs of teenagers would love to opposite sex could not be separated from human discussion, that humans have the potential dynamic of life which inevitably always makes a man active in this life.

The tendency of adolescents to a group, interact with peers and want to be acknowledged its existence is a matter of nature / human, such a tendency is not removed, but must be met, only arranged to meet them. When humans need to eat (which is a potential human / physical needs), we are not forbidden to eat, but when we want to eat, ranging from what to eat, how to get or how to eat is determined rules. Analogous to this, the needs of adolescents to prefer the opposite sex is not eliminated, but regulated.

Therefore we need a rule that no such rules apply now that applied to understand freedom. But according to rules that required a human nature which of course if you appear to know who's more human nature is what makes human beings in this case is God, therefore we must refer to God, how God set the teenager would love to meet the needs of the opposite sex. For God knows better 'things ciptaanya' ie man so that HE has created rules which of course according to human nature and completely finish it. We all believe God omniscient, God kemahatuan course also covers about man and his problem. God thus their berifrman about it: "Do not approach adultery, because adultery is heinous deeds and an evil way" (QS terj.. Al-Isra 32)

Islam not only forbids adultery, fornication approaching any activity that is prohibited as well as adultery credit so that Islam has preventifnya step, for example disyariatkannya Muslim clothing for women (hijab) is not rigorous, not transparent, does not resemble male clothing etc. (terj. Qs . al-Ahzab 53, An-Nuur 31). Other preventive measures such as on the association / interaction between the opposite sex, men, women arrange Islam prohibited without a mahram berduan word of the Prophet, which means: "Let not a man-Duan alone with a woman, without any strange"

Women are not allowed excessive ornate, displaying jewelry in public. Sex is happening for a stimulus if there is a stimulus to engage in sex then there's sex, could be just because the odor stimuli just happened so. For example women were forbidden to wear perfume. "If there are women wearing perfumes, and then passes in a people, and so these people smell the perfume, the woman was a prostitute. (Terj. HR. Annassai)

The tendency of a person of the opposite sex is the potential in this life is instinctive, instincts would emerge if there are stimuli from outside the human self, stimuli that could be thoughts that lead to sexuality or just a reading and / or sexual spectacle. Therefore the size of the frequency of "instinct" of dating depends on a lot-at least you, taking the facts or thinking about dating, if you still watch soap operas such as "PD" then you have the goods lost in her story for sure, become a couple.

Good friend, in the teachings of our religion has been governed by clear, how should we behave and act. Sure that we might survive in the world and the Hereafter. So actually, the marriage in early age is better than an MBA. Marriages of worship, free associate maksiat.Namun, if you're still not able in that direction. Better to avoid going out, frequent fasting, and the focus of study, it was the best solution friend than you going out there, going out here, what got cuman happy doang, khan? Why, brur, happy in this world but in the hereafter you'll torok, ugh. Amendment does not say that the Khan loss? hence the Islamic Koran, let you add an alias PD confident, not its PD-Sahrul and Agnes. (Lbr).

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