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Importance Sex Education in Children and Special Needs

/ Apr 3, 2010 /
During this therapy given to children special needs such as autism, Asperger syndrome and other speech therapy and occupational extent that the child can speak, write, learn and socialize. Though sex education should also be taught to children special needs early.

"Sex education is not always about the couples relationship, but also includes other things such as giving an understanding of the physical and hormonal development of a child and understand the various social constraints that exist in society," said Dra Early Oktaufik from foundations ISADD (Intervention Service for Autism and Developmental Delay) of Indonesia in the event FAQ About Autism at Financial Hall Graha Niaga, Jakarta, Saturday (3/4/2010).

Dini added sexual desire is a natural thing. Puberty happens to children with special needs often come in earlier than normal children, but can also come for longer or delayed. In this case the child will experience hormonal changes and physical changes are also different in boys and girls.

"Sex education is rarely mentioned when talking about autism, perhaps because it is still taboo. Yet good sex education can help prepare the child becomes an independent adult individuals," says Gayatri Pamoedji, SE, founder of MHC MPATI (Cares Autism Society of Indonesia) .

If sex education is not given early, then later can be a problem either from external or internal side of the child, such child may be have a habit of holding his own genitals, like touching the private parts of others, are not prepared to deal with menstruation, masturbation or wet dreams can affect their emotions and also unable to maintain the cleanliness of her pubic area.

"That's why sex education is very important and should have started since 3-year-old child. But of course the child should also be given training on compliance, the sense of understanding the physical and hormonal changes that occur as well as monitor sexual behavior," Dini said that a practitioner behavior therapy.

Dini added in providing sex education to children should recognize the child's body parts to himself and never explore other people's bodies. In addition, parents must be vigilant in providing an understanding of the physical changes that occur. While in providing an understanding of the hormonal changes through the story that could easily understandable, because the hormone can not be seen visually.

"In this case the parents have to patiently teach the children what should and should not be seen when he was speaking, the child understand what is included sentukah OK and which are not as well as children are taught about the social circle, the children were told that anyone can get a hug and smell, "he said.

Parents should have the awareness that sexual problems are now increasingly exist, so that parents do not just stare at the mind set of society related to formal education only.

Children with special needs also require education about sex, because unconsciously they will also experience the same thing with other normal children. While on special needs children sometimes have emotional content that is not stable, so that should be taught in stages.

"Sex education should begin early, because if not done since the beginning then there is the possibility the child will get a lot of problems such as having habits like holding the genitals before sleep, like holding the breasts of others or other matter," Dini added.

Some things to consider in providing education about sex on the special needs of children, parents a bigger role than the therapist, to provide education based on child's level of understanding and with positive words, making engineering the atmosphere before the child is exposed out, has its own rules, using the power reward (prize) and not the power of punishment.

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