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Free Teen Sex Indonesia Rampant

/ Apr 25, 2010 /
Free Teen Sex Indonesia Rampant. Parents who do not shudder to know where the data about free sex teen Indonesia today below. Free sex really has become a regular thing! How do I just went? Research in various countries found that adolescents will avoid involvement with free sex, if they can talk about sex with gentlemen. This means that parents need to be sexuality educators for their children! We have been ready, the parents become sexuality educators for our children? How smooth tongue-tied when we are not to be indecent to talk with our children? 

Discover the answer in the event workhsop Salamaa 1 to 3 June 2007.
And to find more complete data about the behavior of free teen sex today, please refer to the article below. 

Free association Asro Kamal Rokan
KH Abdul Rashid Abdullah Safii looks very uneasy. Leader of the Islamic Education Foundation As-Syafi'iyah provides several pieces of newspaper clippings. "Please read this. I do not know what happened to this nation, "he said briefly. Kiai Rashid did not say much, but his face showed how he was really worried that the mass media.
Free Teen Sex Indonesia Rampant.

Copy of media clippings, when I read, it is very troubling. Media Indonesia (6 / 1) cited Antara news agency wrote, "85 Percent of Teens 15 Years Sex." Warta Kota (11 / 2) gave the title, "Half of Students Cianjur Ngesek". Then, Republika newspaper published March 1, 2007 wrote, "Sexually Transmitted Disease Threatens Anyone." Also in the news are written, "Almost 50 percent of Indonesian female adolescent sexual intercourse outside marriage." 

News in Republika quoted survey results Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association (IPPA). Surveys conducted in 2003 in five cities, including Bandung, Jakarta and Yogyakarta. IPPA survey results, which also quoted by Media Indonesia, said also that as many as 85 percent of adolescents aged 13-15 years admitted having sex with their boyfriends. The study was conducted on 2005 respondents terhadap2.488 in Tasikmalaya, Cirebon, Singkawang, Palembang, and Kupang. 

Ironically, according to Executive Director of IPPA, Inne Silviane, sex is done in your own home-house where they took refuge. As many as 50 percent of teens admitted to watching pornographic media, including VCDs. From the study it became known, 52 percent who understands how pregnancy can occur. 

Free Teen Sex Indonesia Rampant. Another study conducted Annisa Foundation, as quoted by Warta Kota. Reported, 42.3 percent of junior high and high school students in Cianjur have sexual intercourse. According to their confessions, the relationship was done like the same sex love, and even some who have multiple sexual partners. This research was conducted Annisa Foundation (AF) in July-December 2006 to the 412 respondents, who came from 13 secondary schools and private land. 

Laila Sukmadewi, AF Executive Director, said sex outside marriage is generally done because it likes the same respondents liked. Only about 9 percent with economic reasons. "So, rather than economic reasons. Even more alarming, 90 percent said understanding of religious values, and they know it's a sin, "said Laila. Described, most of them use contraceptives are sold freely, as much as 12 percent using the method interuptus coitus. 

The facts that have explained the concerns KH Rashid. He said in a bitter tone, "The disaster that continues to befall this nation can be improved, but the moral damage caused by disasters, how to fix it?" Not only KH Rashid, anyone who cares for this nation, of course draw a deep breath. How sadly, the teens understand the teachings of religion, the notion of sin, and the consequences it generated. There must be something wrong on this nation. 

Television, media porn smelly, closer to the teenagers to have sex outside of marriage. VCD and DVD porn so easily obtained for only $ 5000. Once raided, it was free again after the sale. Education system to pursue any figures contributed damage the young generation. 

The survey results should be aware that we, the educators, parents, clergy, managers, television, mass media, and of course also the government. The figures revealed that, perhaps the peak of the iceberg. After this, if we let it continue to take a moral disaster, which happened just nauzubillahdapat our family? Oh God, this is a real disaster and very scary ....
Free Teen Sex Indonesia Rampant.

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{ wiyono } on: April 25, 2010 at 6:54 PM said...

Selamat malam sobat, posting yang sangat penting dan penuh dengan isi. selamat untuk berkarya jangan pernah berhenti dan jangan bosan untuk di kunjungi ya ini salah satu blog ku silahkan sesuka hati untuk melakukan kunjungan balik, lebih lebih kalau mau dua duanya he ehe he

{ digituck } on: May 4, 2010 at 4:05 AM said...

Talking about free sex ! Awesome ...

{ wandry } on: May 14, 2010 at 1:51 PM said...

free sex indeed have influence many teens today, maybe it's because so many west style that come to our country especially through the internet. So, I think this approach is a good idea to help our future generation facing this problem.

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