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AFTER YOU PASS Where to go from high school?

/ Apr 24, 2010 /
AFTER YOU PASS Where to go from high school? This article is more directed to younger siblings who will soon be leaving school high school. Maybe the school is the most wonderful time, let alone those times in high school. This is the last moment for all students of class XII was wearing a school uniform. National Examination is not the end of the struggle, but early to start something new. Later would come the question "where did I pass After High School". Lectures, work or married?

The question that always comes to mind most of the students who have graduated from high school. Many of them are confused about the where they were after graduating from high school. Whether to continue studying at university, or want to find work, or want walimahan aka get married?

Life is a choice, maybe some of us will recognize and feel about it, as indeed we must be able and dare to specify one of the many many choices in life, because it will be a difficulty bagi us if we have to menjalani berbagai things at once, determine scale of priorities in life choices that might be a wise action. Will soon obtained the final result of a struggle for colleagues who was educated middle class, who ultimately must decide where after graduating nanti.Tentunya should have some answers to these questions, among: college, work, marriage and even take a break (jobless) .

Answer This certainly has a basis or foundation of its own depending on how the students respond and respond. I will try to give an idea of how we respond or answer the question. There are several options that can be done, by those who had just graduated high school and an equal, among other choices are:

1. Lecture

2. Work

3. Marriage

Third it has the level of risk is certainly different in-imbangi with a maturity of thinking and acting in his discretion determine this choice, because they also have different advantages and disadvantages as well. But if talk is ideal after high school graduation really only two options, namely college or work. But not a few who, after graduating high school who decided to get married. Considered a difficult choice not too, if we already have a purpose and direction of our lives, already have plans matured in this life. AFTER YOU PASS Where to go from high school?

Third choice was certainly makes us think before we decide what we will do, which is obviously a decision for marriage, would be an alternative choice or say if it has been established to work longer and more complete spiritual and physical ready. So we have to choose which among College or Work. This will depend on many factors because of its many indicators to determine dipergunaka want Lecture or Kerja.Kuliah Most lulusanSMA if given the question "are you going to college?", Then almost 90% would want to answer the college. But there are some things to consider if yag want to continue studying. These include:

* You want to be? Had the lawyers just want to be ya mean having to take the Faculty of Law, wants to become a doctor so take the Faculty of Medicine, what took ya want to be teachers of Faculty of Science Teacher Training and Education. In taking this Department or Faculty should consider the interests and ideals to be achieved. All of this must be determined beforehand, lest we do not have college direction and purpose. In addition we will make it difficult, but we obtain results that will later not be optimal.

* Measure the ability of our first, not to the ability in the field of social sciences instead majored in natural sciences. Yes, obviously we will eventually follow perkulihan keteteran, consequently we take in college would be much longer (of course costs will swell) in addition the results are also not maximal.

* Measure the ability of our Financial. With our financial ability of parents to know we will certainly we would not be stuck in the middle of the road. In addition to the financial ability of a mediocre course will encourage us to perform better and so that later we get a scholarship.

If we decide to lecture course will appear a few questions as follows:

1. going to college where?

2. what direction to take?

3. how much it cost?

4. take what program?

5. after graduation if I can find work?

Surely we should be able to answer these questions with a good and wise, one thing should not be the answer we get from others rather than ourselves, this is to avoid the inconsistency of what we go through college dibangku interests and talents with us, then The answer must come from ourselves. AFTER YOU PASS Where to go from high school? Thus, at least if we want college to be able to determine the following things:

1. Higher Education choice with a selection of course;
2. Programs that will be our choice;
3. Estimated cost for tuition;
4. Diploma or Degree program that we will take;
5. Information on the level of employment needs three or four years after we graduated from college.

If the above five things we've done, then go for further studies (COLLEGE) course with enthusiasm and a strong motivation not only to join the college advice of friends, following the wishes of parents or other reason for it.


Usually, many also some of the students high school graduates want to work right away. Of course for high school graduates should have the skills and abilities more. This is different from those who graduated from vocational school, vocational school graduates are prepared for and trained to jump in the world of work. In plain view high school graduates will compete with graduates of vocational school if the jump in the working world. As a solution to hone skills and training to face the world of work then we need to prepare themselves by learning skills agencies instituted for at least a tahun.Jika we choose to work, of course we must prepare ourselves to compete with other competitors in employment, the most important thing in this country in search of work are:

1. We should have more skill than any other competitor;
2. We must have a strong motivation to work;
3. We must be ready to compete after employment will be accepted;
4. We have to determine personal goals within five years of our work;
5. We must decide to work on other people (employees) or create their own employment (entrepreneurship).

Because until we do not work simply by reason of the unemployed, because if you decide to work because of these reasons, it can be ascertained that we have no motivation and does not have a goal of how our lives someday. And it certainly was prepared to continue being a difficult person to grow and develop themselves.


This solution for the already dying, but is expected before deciding to get married after graduation SMAadalah careful thought in advance and there be some things that must be considered, because marriage does not only look and feel his pleasure, but also many things we have Condition since the beginning, being married, we must:

1. Ready to physical and spiritual;
2. Ready to support and dinafkahi;
3. Ready to be parents;
4. Ready to unleash periods of freedom;
5. Ready to take responsibility for all steps and actions.

This above is just a simple picture that can not be separated from the foundation level of understanding and thinking of each individual, and will remain on the personal choice each of us, hopefully a bit this paper can give a picture of our thinking in the discourse. And please you to choose which is best for our lives to the fore. Thank you hopefully useful.


This is actually not an option, because later on we can be a burden both our parents. But if it is trapped until you have nothing to say anymore. My advice is still unemployed during follow positive activities and produce, who knows even later can become an entrepreneur.

Thus a little picture, may be useful. AFTER YOU PASS Where to go from high school?

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