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/ Apr 22, 2010 /
Tips INTO ADULT. Being an adult, is axiomatic that the process occurs in every normal human self. Because, if the process does not run so, that means there is abnormal in the man. 

Being an adult, is also a decision that full responsibility and consequences. Because, every adult will always take full responsibility of what he was doing, and understand very well that every action there will be a logical consequence. 

Being an adult, is also an option in dealing with all examinations of life. Because, how many people are choosing childish way to solve the problem of business or life, spirit dwarf, escape from responsibility, do not accept the fact, and so forth, that's among the properties that indicate lack of maturity a person. Including how to behave, and interact with fellow humans.

To become an adult, one must consider a few things that become the benchmark if the person has become an adult, or not. Among these factors are:

1. Maturity of thinking: A person who is mature, knows how to think before acting (doing). He knew very well the importance of planning before doing a thing, and evaluation after they do, not necessarily, and not "grabak-grubuk". An adult who can think logically, and critically. 

2. Emotional Maturity: A person who is an adult, can understand and control the emotional turmoil. That's what sets it apart from a small child, who does not know why he was emotionally and how to control it. He was able to channel his emotions and put on something true, not misleading. 

3. Ruhaniyah Intelligence: A mature, have a quiet soul, in the sense that no soul kegundahan causing instability. Ruhaniyah spiritual intelligence is the ability to believe and understand, that true peace comes from the Most Calm. Spiritual intelligent, capable of knowing very well that many of the limitations he has, so he can put himself in the presence of the Creator, knowing his rights, and implement it with full responsibility and keikhlashan. 

4. Social Sensitivity: A person who is mature, will see himself was part of the community. A hierarchy of multiple communities. Liver sensitivity to the problems and realities of social conditions, will be able to foster develop a sense of empathy, which dismissed the far-away feeling selfish in doing a thing. An adult will be very sensitive, that what did he give to others today, she will someday receive from others.
The above explanation clearly not enough. It's all just superficial. There are still many aspects that can be studied even further, from an attitude that shows maturity and the nature of a person. 

However, at least, there is a need to keep in mind here, that being an adult it is not hard, and not a scary thing. To become an adult only needs experience, and ability to take lessons from that experience, of course. While that experience, depending on time. That means, it should be an increasingly older, more ibroh of wisdom and experience he has in his life. That's enough for him to be more wise in life. And nature's wisdom is people who are adults. So, learn to be like that ... 

After the experience, no one else matters, namely: social breadth. To capture the meaning of the extent of interaction, depends on: who we interact with, and what we can do in these interactions (good of course). 


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