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Cast Film Si Unyil

/ Jun 8, 2010 /
Unyil, Ucrit, and Usro
The third character is the main character in the film Unyil.Cast Film Si Unyil.

Pak Raden

He has a thick Javanese characters. Beskap full black cloth blangkon and sticks, with the handle of an umbrella-like handles, and it came with a thick mustache that is characteristic of cross-Pak Raden. Everything that is done is always based on his favorite horoscope. Always try to avoid if there Sukamaju voluntary work in the village, on the grounds encoknya disease relapse.

Pak Raden figures also have properties that stingy toward its neighbors, so often the fruit mangganya stolen by Mr. averse. Like most people do have blue blood, Pak Raden also maintain a turtledove birds, as well as having a qualified painting talent. Mr. Prince also has a distinctive booming laugh. In addition, the ugly nature of Mr. Prince is quick-tempered aka grumpy.

Pak ogah
He is known as a tunakarya a bald head, and his day-to-day is sitting at guard post and asked for money from people passing by.

Two sentences Pak ogah the most famous is, "reluctantly, aahs" and "available upon dong." Soap is everyday language to say "no", usually because of laziness. For example, if someone invited her friends to go to a place, but he wanted to stay at home, he can say "reluctantly, aahs." It should be noted that the kata "reluctantly" This has the connotation bila digunakan kurang polite to older people or more high social status.

"Available upon" actually means a hundred, are absorbed from the Hokkien dialect, and in this case is one hundred rupiah coins. Averse in the film Mr. series usually only allow people to pass in front of the post rondanya when they gave him one hundred rupiah or available upon beforehand.

Cast Film Si Unyil. Because fame Unyil series, said Mr. reluctantly entered the vehicle of popular and became a general term for all tunakarya who prefer lazing or doing light work. For example at a busy intersection, often for one reason or another there is no police officer regulating traffic, someone who is not a police officer, but regulate the flow of vehicle and demanded money in return is often called "Mr. averse".

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