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Craving in Indonesian Higher Education | Higher Education Favorites

/ Jun 13, 2010 /

Craving in Indonesian Higher Education | Higher Education Favorites.

Craving Higher Education is an objective of all people who want to study in higher education. Craving status, must have the input and output can be proud in the eyes of society, especially students.

In choosing universities Craving the learners in this case the student has its own criteria in determining specialization. The criteria are usually based on the image of higher education to the type or specification of expertise who want to be developed and explored more deeply.

Criteria image and Higher Education Choice Favorites could be seen from the Vision and Mission colleges, accreditation status, curriculum, faculty, alumni and the quality of student activities which are competitive in their fields, as well as assessment of public opinion from the outside.

Craving in Indonesian Higher Education | Higher Education Favorites

Besides, selecting the assessment criteria specified in the direction of expertise means faculty or department / study program. Favorite college usually has its own characteristics in terms of majors / study program. Sometimes students see from interested persons and effects of commercial (employment) of the department / study program. Like schools of medicine, law, engineering and economics faculties are still in great demand by learners.

College Choice Criteria

Assessment of the performance of a university Craving can also be measured from its success in realizing the mission that is reflected in the activities of Tri Dharma his university. Third form activities are activities in the field of education, activities in the field of research, and activities in the field of Community Services (Report EEDP, 1998).

Best Higher Education which will be categorized in an effort to realize the Ideal and the Tri Dharma Higher Education can be seen clearly in the following criteria:

1. Vision Mission

Vision and Mission is an excellent reference for quality management and higher education strategies to achieve future. Strategy embodiment of the vision and mission must be understood and fully supported both the commitment and participation by stakeholders. Good vision is a vision that furutistik, challenge and motivate all stakeholders (education providers) to contribute, be realistic about the capabilities and external factors and internal, assumptions and rules defining the environmental conditions with a good and true. Mission College is a college tri dharma. Keterlaksanaan this mission should be an effort to realization of vision of universities.

College goals and objectives must be realistic that the ideals, unique, focused and successful implementation can be measured and relevant to the vision and mission. Thus, we get a description of the future and the ideals of higher education, and success of the vision and mission that appears in the form of graduate outcomes, research and community service.

2. Accreditation Status

Under Law No. RI. 20/2003 Article 60 paragraph 1 and 3, the definition of Accreditation is an activity carried out to determine the feasibility of programs and educational unit on the path to formal and non formal education at all levels and types of education based on the criteria are open. Criteria for accreditation should be defined in accordance with national education standards, including content standards, standard processes, competence of graduates, staff, facilities and infrastructure, management colleges, the standard cost and standard of assessment of higher education must be improved in a planned and regular basis.

Quality evaluation and feasibility assessment carried out by institutions or organizations independent body outside the College of Higher Education National Accreditation Board (BAN-PT). As a result of the assessment, determine the accreditation status of the quality of education was announced to the public. Assessment of systemic and systematic quality has a purpose and benefits of the trader:

1. Provide assurance that the college is accredited has met the standard, so as to provide protection for the people of the conduct of universities that do not meet the standards.
2. The motivation and encouragement of Higher Education for continuous improvement in maintaining the quality of education.
3. Results of accreditation can be used as a material consideration in credit transfer, the proposed assistance and allocation of funds, and received recognition from the agency or agencies concerned.

Typically, colleges that have the quality of education or the accreditation of A and B, which became public Charming (learner). With the accreditation of higher education meets the standards set by the BAN-PT, so have the quality education that can be relied upon.

3. Curriculum Up to Date

Curriculum designed and specified must be able to guarantee the achievement of objectives, implementation and realization of a vision mission of universities. The curriculum must also be able to provide offers and selection and development of competencies for students are relevant to the interests and talents. Curriculum based on in-depth review of the nature of science and the need for organizers to pay attention to standards of quality, vision and mission of higher education, particularly at the level of the course.

Universities must also be able to update (up to date) the curriculum leading to the increase of social and scientific relevance. Best universities already should have a curriculum that is up to date. Updates to ensure compliance with the required competencies and the development of science and technology telecommunication. So critical and education providers must be responsive to the development of policies, laws and regulations applicable, social, economic and cultural.

In Kepmendidnas No.045/U/2002 competencies defined as a set of intelligent action, a person has full responsibility as a condition to be considered capable by the society in carrying out tasks in certain occupations. Competence can also be interpreted as characteristics of the knowledge, skills and personality needed to achieve performance (performance) high. (Slamet, 2004).

The importance of being a reference to the basic curriculum in the formation and guarantor of competency achievement within each program. The curriculum must be consistent with the objectives, scope and depth of content and organization that encourages the formation of hard skills and soft skills (skills, personality and behavioral disorders) that can be applied in various situations.

4. Human Resources

The advantages of human resources (HR) can guarantee the quality of academic administration in higher education, through relevant academic programs with the vision, mission to the target. In a Higher Education Human Resources Development is required. It covers the development of teaching staff (lecturers) and other educational staff to be more worthy, competent, relevant and reliable.

Lecturers have a major role in the process of forming a quality value added in the field of science students and for potential improvements. Therefore, academic qualifications and professionalism, and quality of faculty performance that is consistent with the tri dharma college will create an achievement, and a barometer of success in achieving the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the program.

In addition, academic qualifications and competence of other educational personnel is also a supporter of the successful implementation of quality education. Other education staff consists of librarians, laboratory, analysts, technicians, operators, programmers, instructors, administrative staff, and other supporting staff. Thus, achievement of quality lecturers and other educational staff work will be one factor in the imaging of the university.

5. Higher Education Facilities and Infrastructure

Availability of facilities and infrastructure in universities is the guarantor of the feasibility, sustainability and sustainable management of academic programs. That is, the effectiveness and efficiency of academic administration should be supported by adequate infrastructure and facilities, meet the minimum standard of eligibility. Is leaning against the feasibility of including the type, amount, area, place, legal, and quality.
Craving in Indonesian Higher Education | Higher Education Favorites

Facilities and infrastructure in this case the University facilities such as classrooms and faculty rooms, laboratories, libraries, workshops, halls, places of worship and so forth that can support education. In supporting the development of student interest and talent, is also needed for extracurricular activities or facilities at the Student Activity Unit, such as sports facilities, media / press, internet service (hot spots) and so forth.

6. Student Affairs

Students as academics need a container that supports the development of education and skills. Containers can be access student services and development interests and talents, access to facilities and student activity center extra-curricular activities. In some universities, the container in the form of student organizations or institutions which consist of the Executive Board of Students, Student Legislature and Student Activity Unit.

This student affairs agencies into the container of students actualize themselves and form a personality. This institution is a very important part and support the vision of Higher Education in achieving its mission. The institute student affairs, namely (1). become a vehicle for students to play a role in realizing the goals college; (2). become a vehicle to foster fellowship and brotherhood for the welfare of students, (3). become a vehicle to prepare candidates for the critical leader-objective-analytical, creative, innovative, adaptive, dynamic, dedicated and skilled, that is religious; (4). a container for the aspirations of the students speak constructively and responsibly.

7. Quality of Graduates

Many of the questions in the society about the many college graduates (bachelor) unemployed or less able to compete on the field. This is sometimes caused by the act itself or also students from the colleges that provide less aptitude in creating the quality of graduates. However, this negative impact will be because lack of public enthusiasm for science menimbah in higher education.

Students as part of the academic community is a person who has major interests and also become perpetrators in getting added value in education. That is, students already should have the benefit of the process of education, research and dedication to the community, in order to compete in its field. The best college should prepare a debriefing of entrepreneurship development, career development, internships and recruitment of graduates work for readiness. As with the statement Slamet (2004) that education should result in the ability to act is right and smart, productive action, an effective, capable of solving real problems in life.

Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) One of Favorites in Indonesian Higher Education

Islamic University was established on 27 Rajab 1364 H or to coincide with the July 8, 1945 under the name Islamic High School (STI). Dibidani by national figures such as Dr. Mohammad Hatta (Proclaimers and former Vice President), Moh. Natsir Prof. CRC. Muzakkir, Mohamad Roem, KH. Wahid Hasjim, etc., making the development of STI as a base for the national character of education and Islamists as well as a footstool hope all children of the nation. To increase the role in the struggle, then the STI was changed to a university with the name of the Indonesian Islamic University (Islamic University of Indonesia, Al Islamiya Al Indonesiyah association) in 1947 (Wikipedia).
Craving in Indonesian Higher Education | Higher Education Favorites

According to the Bung Hatta, the Islamic High School will meet between religion (the religion) and science (sciences) in good cooperation to help improve the welfare of the community. That way, religious and scientific collaboration will further clarify the establishment of Tri Dharma Higher Education as a reflection of the vision and mission.

Islamic University of Indonesia has eight faculties with a variety of courses both properly qualified and accredited universities Craving. Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning (FTSP) has four courses, namely S1 Civil Engineering, Architectural and Environmental Engineering and Civil Engineering Megister Program. Who's Faculty of Economics (FE) levels of UII have Pg (S2 and S3 Management), S-1 Management, Accounting, Economics (Regular and International Programs), and the levels of D-3 Economics. Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI) has a regular study programs (Chemical, Industrial, Information Technology, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering), international programs and graduate programs in Industrial Engineering.

Faculty of Islamic Studies (FIAI) UII has three levels of study programs, S1, ie the Islamic Education, Islamic law and Islamic economics and Islamic Studies program S2. Faculty of Law (FH) levels of UII have Pg (S2 and S3), S1 (Regular and International Program) Legal Studies courses. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MIPA) UII has a study program Statistics, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Pharmacist Profession, and Program Analyst Chemical D3. Social Sciences Faculty of Psychology and Culture (FPISB) has a study program of Psychology and Communication Studies, English and S2 D3 Psychology.

Last is the Faculty of Medicine with faculty Dokter.Pada Education courses are used educational system integration, ie Problem Based Learning approach (Problem Based Learning). The concept of integration of the PBL approach in accordance with the new paradigm of medical education that is Spices (Student centered, problem based learning, integrated curriculum, Community based, Early clinical exposure and Systematic).

This year, the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning Universitas Islam Indonesia gained international recognition through ISO 9001:2008. This recognition is the result of hard work to improve the quality (quality of) education. Quality Management System or ISO 9001:2008 is a documented procedure and practice - a standard practice for system management, which aims to ensure the suitability of a process and product to the needs or specific requirements, where specific needs or requirements are defined or specified by the customer and the organization.

In addition to achievements and international recognition, the program of study in the faculties of the Islamic University of Indonesia have an average of A and B accreditation, which shows that the university education quality standards. Kerana Accordingly, it is not wrong if we make the Islamic University of Indonesia became a higher education destination for Indonesian society.


Based on the above discussion, it can be concluded that the Higher Education Choice must meet several criteria, namely vision, mission relevant to the tri dharma college, has the best accreditation status, up to date curriculum, faculty and other educational staff are competent and professional, available facilities and infrastructure standards, has a container dealer aspirations of students (student organizations), and qualified graduates able to compete in its field. Some things should be the focus of development in the sphere of higher education so as to create the success of realizing dharma tri universities, namely education, research and service / dedication to the community.

This paper is not the main recommendations for you. The substance of this paper as a public information materials to be studied further, and particularly in view to follow the UII Blog Contest themed "Defining Higher Education Choice." Craving in Indonesian Higher Education | Higher Education Favorites.

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