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Period Problems of Youth

/ Jun 8, 2010 /
Period Problems of Youth. Phase of adolescence is a period of individual development are very important. Harold Alberty (1957) argued that adolescence is a period in the development of a person who lived a lie since the end of childhood to early adulthood. Conger argues that adolescence is a very critical period that may erupakan the best of time and the worst of time. 

We find various commentaries from experts about the adolescent:

* Freud interprets adolescence as a period for the sexual life has a form that interprets Buhler definitif.Charlotte adolescence as a time-mengisi.Spranger content needs to give interpretations of adolescence as a period of growth with a fundamental change in mental structure.
* Hofmann interprets adolescence as a period of formation of attitudes toward everything that experienced by individuals.
* G. Stanley Hall interprets adolescence as a period of storm and drang (storm and typhoons).
Experts generally agree that adolescence lasts the span of 11-13 years of age up to 18-20 yr (Abin Shamsuddin, 2003). In the span of this period there are several indicators of significant differences, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Therefore, experts mengklasikasikan adolescence into two parts, namely: (1) early adolescence (11-13 years till 14-15 years), and (2) late adolescence (14-16 yr sd18-20 th)

Adolescence marked by a variety of changes, both physically and psychologically, which may cause certain problems for the teenager. sovereign, when not accompanied by efforts to self-understanding and self direction correctly, can even lead to a variety of juvenile delinquency and criminal acts. Problems that may arise in adolescence, including: 

Problems related to physical and motor development.
In adolescence, marked by a rapid physical growth. Physical conditions in adolescence, viewed as an important matter, but when the physical state does not match expectations (discrepancy between the self body image picture) can cause dissatisfaction and lack of confidence. Likewise, a disproportionate physical development. Maturation of reproductive organs in adolescence requires effort and satisfaction if not guided by norms can lead to distortions of sexual behavior. 

Problems associated with cognitive and language development.
In early adolescence is marked by rapid development of intellectual abilities. But when, the teenager did not get a chance development of intellectual abilities, particularly through education at school, then probably will not develop its intellectual potential optimum. So also during adolescence, especially early adolescence is the best time to get to know and explore a foreign language. However due to limited opportunities and facilities and pre facilities, causing the teenager's difficulty in mastering a foreign language. Inevitably, in this era of globalization, foreign language acquisition is crucial to the success of the life and career person. However due to constraints in the development of incompetence in foreign languages must be more or less influence on his life and career success. Inhibition of cognitive and language development can be impacts on the emotional aspects, social and behavioral aspects and other personalities. 

Problems associated with the development of social behavior, morality and religion.
Adolescence is also called as the social hunger (thirst social), which is marked by a desire to mingle and received within the peer group (peer group). Rejection of the peer group can lead to frustration and makes him as isolated and feel inferior. But on the contrary, if adolescents can be accepted by their peers and even become an idol of course she will feel proud and have the honor in itself. Social behavior of adolescent problems not only occur with peer groups, but also can occur with parents and other adults, including teachers at the school. This is due in adolescence, especially early adolescence will be characterized by an ambivalent desire, on the one hand the desire to remove the dependency and can determine his own choice, but on the other hand he still needs a parent, especially economically. In line with the growth of reproductive organs, social relationships that developed in adolescence, is marked also by the desire to establish a special relationship with the other types and can lead if not guided deviation measures of social behavior and sexual behavior. In adolescence is also marked by a willingness to experiment and test the establishment of existing norms, if not guided, it may develop into conflict with the values in himself and his surroundings.
Problems associated with the development of personality, and emotional. 

Adolescence is also the time to discover the identity of self (self identity). Quest for identity, many done by showing the behavior of trial and error, imitation behavior or identification. When the teenager failed to find her identity, she will be experiencing an identity crisis or identity confusion, so that might have formed a personality system that describes the state of being not true. Reactions and emotional expressions that are still unstable and not yet under control in adolescence can have an impact on personal and social life. He became often feel depressed and moping or rather he be the one who behaved aggressively. Quarrels and fights often occur due to his emotional instability.
Period Problems of Youth.

Other than that it has been described above, of course, still many other youth problems. The emergence of adolescent problems is influenced by various factors, both internal and external. In order for adolescents can be protected from various difficulties and problems would need the wisdom of all parties. Efforts to facilitate the development of adolescents become very important. In this case, the role of parents, schools, sertaMateri Related

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Period Problems of Youth.

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