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Who is Behind The Facebook?

/ Jun 8, 2010 /
Who is Behind The Facebook? There were three young men their 20s is behind this They are Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovits. All Americans. Of the three men, though equally important contributions, but the most prominent is Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. The second was his friend trailing behind Zuckerberg. Behind The Facebook

The latest news states that Hugheslah makes site. Zuckerberg is still 25 years old and this full-blooded Jew was the designer of information technologies as well as high-minded young entrepreneurs who build a facebook until like now. In the year 2006 Zucherberg amazing world that Yahoo bid karenamenampik intend to buy a social site that made costing U.S. $ 1 Billion or if dirupiah it to around 12 trillion. 

At Facebook, Zuckerberg is responsible for the affairs of the company's policy and strategy which has become the bone of contention with advertisers and these investors. Upon this intelligence, Zuckerberg has been called as One of the most influent persons in 2008 by Forbes magazine. 

mark even in the Davos economic forum in 2009, Zuckerberg is included in the list of young leaders for achievement and commitment to society and potential to contribute ideas to shape a new world order. "He is a Jew, guys ... so the word must be a new world order .. ..". Zuckerberg, who was born May 14, 1984 was grown in Dobbs Ferry, New York in high school now tinkering with technology, information and never make a music player. Synapse, which is able to track consumer tastes about music. So in addition to capital entrepreneur business sense, he turned out to master the technology base in praxis. And, thanks God! He's still single, but Virgin? I Doubt it.
Behind The Facebook.  

Philiph graduated from Exeter Academy, New Hamspshire was also lectures from Harvard University's famous. But alas, he dropped out, DO! Just like seniournya Bill Gates. This growing track record as a successful mengukuhkah that Harvard University is the students who did not pass the alias DO. Who successfully pass the fact that there is still no bright Zuckerberg Bill Gates. Who is Behind The Facebook?

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