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Tips Face Care for Teens Ages.

/ Jun 8, 2010 /
Tips Face Care for Teens Ages. To look attractive with a smooth and healthy skin, need treatment early on. We recommend that since the teen years, children already accustomed to treat her well and properly.

Many adolescents are generally associated with the dust and sun. Therefore, in order to always face smooth and healthy skin must always maintain cleanliness.

According to Janny Bodhipala as beauty experts, teens should do some basic maintenance steps, namely:

1. Always wash your face with liquid soap or soap special solid face when I wake to sleep and after the move.
This needs to be done because the skin of the character as a teenager experiencing hormonal changes due to the body that has something to do with skin. Therefore, no term oily skin, dry, normal, or a combination. For those whose skin is oily, could use a scrub plus tonic as a refresher. Meanwhile, for those who have dry or normal skin should use a gentle cleansing tonic plus a facial freshener.

2. Because adolescents are generally active in the sun, they also should use protective cream with SPF 5-6. Every one SPF equivalent to 15 minutes. So if you want to swim for 2.5 hours, you should use a sun screen with SPF 10.

For girls, there's nothing wrong if you use powder to make it look more attractive. Those whose skin is not problematic enough to do two stages of this treatment every day. But if their skin breakouts, there is a good idea to perform additional treatment as follows:

1. Using masks for acne at least once a week that serves to lift the fat and shrink the pores (especially for oily skin).
2. Using the acne drug freely available in the market. And used only on sections that have acne problems.

Tips Face Care for Teens Ages.

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