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Tips Against "Mind Sex"

/ Jun 8, 2010 /
Tips Against "Mind Sex". The answer is "restraint"!

How can "control themselves" This can work well? Will continue to go anywhere near what 'stimulate' but we have self-control, you still can - especially for teenagers?

Yuk, more ...

However, before we can mention several factors perched his sexual fantasies in our minds: there accidentally and intentionally. Unintentionally, yes it was in my previous posting, it could inadvertently see pictures of it or too dirty that naturally occurs suddenly appeared so aja tuh 'sex scenes'. While the second is an intentional, this is it! Emang brain nasty!

Okay, first problem is the pictures, sex stories or reading immoral, or even a video that 'begituan'. Lho horror! Influence! Once and only glimpse we see, picture, video or sex stories are going to 'recorded never dies' in mind. Well, if you've 'recorded never die' gini, to know how to anymore, hayooo ...?

Natural stimuli are always going to appear more 'dangerous', of course, is not it? Maybe if we did not see 'begituan', when the stimulus there is certainly no fuel. Celebration, yes .. Sesa stimulation only [a] t only and we can solve it fast!

Unfortunately, it is not there that never sees 'the nasty-nasty' it, either accidentally or intentionally. Therefore, the return to "control themselves" that mentioned above. Do we allow ourselves to be swept away these negative? When not accidentally see it, we have even more curious?

If I may say: Immediately close the drawing, reading, stories or in other forms if it suddenly appeared! Tips and the key is to "flee" and "enemy"!

This post is also true for those who could be considered an adult. I keep hearing that those who have 'grown' in ages - so not a teenager anymore, okay to consume such thing as pornography, hmmm ... Do'akan I get the proper arguments to deny it! Tips Against "Mind Sex".

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