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Finding Ideas

/ Aug 22, 2010 /
I am pleased to write, and I aspire to become writers of the world of quality. Like today I have not found the idea to write a book. Finding Ideas.

If I find the idea of writing for writing a blog is not so difficult. There are lots of ideas. However, to write books, ideas such as my escape from himself, he would not close. Moreover, quality ideas for books can be a "Best sellers". It's not hard to play looking for ideas!

Finding Ideas. Do your friends have the same problem as me? Are your friends already have the solution? When you've got a solution, if willing to provide input to me. Write the input it on the comment box below.

Hopefully, we can help each other. I currently difficult to find the idea of writing a book. This happened after my book manuscript on "HIV-Aids" that I give the title "Knowledge HIV-AIDS to Teenagers" was rejected by publishers Mizan (Bandung, Indonesia). It was the first complete book manuscript that I wrote. Search Idea.And it also became the first moment my manuscript was rejected. Pathetic!

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