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Story My Ramadan This and Last Year

/ Aug 21, 2010 /
Now in 2010, I moved 19 years old, now I am 18 years old. Age that it was time I was an adult, yes "UP!".

Ramadan ago I left the sin that so far has not been paid, the year 2009 yesterday I canceled without cause as many as seven fast days. It's my fault I just know, still very much a mistake as I did, I realized no that, which I do not know. Story My Ramadan This and Last Year.

I'm not sure I pay how fasting errors last year, O God, Show me how to fix the mistake yesterday. O Allah do hearts and minds blank me.

Error unpaid yesterday, today I make a sin again, I do not pray at dawn. Oh God ... so many sins that I created. Not to mention my nafsyu dizziness so strongly for breaking the fast is not on time. Not to mention the increasingly wild sex nafsyu. Story My Ramadan This and Last Year. Oh God ... This nafsyu is lower. Give me the strength to fight it.

Ramadan this time, I want to fill with good things, positive, do not let yesterday's mistakes happening again now. I want to be better. Hopefully.

Hopefully my target as much as 5X Quran complete reading in the month of  Ramadan this time is reached, hopefully, I can be consistent, can continue, istiqomah.

Now my grave mistakes before, I open a new page, I want better now than last year. O Allah, strengthen the heart sya. Hopefully!

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{ Didien™ } on: August 21, 2010 at 11:09 PM said...

Ramadhan selalu memberikan rasa ketentraman lahir bathin bagi saya..

salam, ^_^

{ FAISAL HILMI } on: August 23, 2010 at 11:36 AM said...

Ramadhan is the best mont!

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