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Confidence Move Pinkan Mambo?

/ Sep 22, 2010 /
JAKARTA - At Idul Fitri day, the mother Pinkan Mambo _Deetje, even sad. The singer is reportedly running with actually convert.

"Lebaran is bleak for me. Child I (Pinkan) to convert.'s Brother and sister I am not Pinkan more, more concerned," said Deetje found at his residence in Bukit Nusa Indah residential, Serua, Jombang, Ciputat, Monday (20 / 9 / 2010).

He admitted that he had never seen with my own eyes when their children go to Church. As far as he knew, Pinkan already started to learn his new convictions since April or May 2010.

"But precisely around June 2010, I came to her house. Pinkan maid outfit said it was his Church. Every Sunday Pinkan always go to church every morning," explained Deetje.

He's not sure whether Pinkan moved conviction because his girlfriend is named Steven. But the impulse to believe that her daughter's taxable Deetje witchcraft.

"He's got magic, because Pinkan people who can not be affected. The evidence of two assistants also got magic," he explained.

Besides Steven, Deetje got word that two lawyers Pastor and also affecting children. No doubt, as a parent he would find two people who had made her son turn away from previous convictions.

"I believe hypnosis Pinkan affected than men," he said.

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