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WhenYour Daughter Turned Out Dyke

/ Oct 5, 2010 /
Sexual orientation caused more environmental factors and traumatic. Genetic factors contribute only 3-5 percent, said clinical psychologist Lita Ivory, citing the American Psychiatric Association study.

Choice of sexual orientation, with a lesbian or gay, can be formed even as a teenager. Especially to children who do not get proper parenting at home. Teens who do not have a figure or a comfortable environment at home, then it will look outside. Immediate environment was the one who will shape the character and personality.

Most parents will try for his son to change their sexual orientation to heterosexual is selected as the environment at home. Like Mb, parents Mr. (15), junior high school student in Depok are having an affair with taekwondo teacher daughter, Sj (26). Worried by her son, Mb attempt to provide sexual orientation therapy to Mr at Home Social Protection of Children (RSPA) through the National Commission for Child Protection.

Preferred mode teen lesbians parents are not wrong. Because it is therapeutic to be the last way that parents can do to cope with a lesbian child. However, therapy is only slightly helpful. Preventive measures with proper parenting more effective.

"Treatment here is shifting the mindset therapy by psychologists. Because of that form of sexual orientation is a choice of thinking myself. However, the therapy without awareness of the self does not work," said Lita.

The individual must have the awareness to change the mindset. This is where the important role of religious education. Sexual orientation is influenced by self-formation, character, and religion. Therefore, errors of this establishment from the beginning that's what makes a child does not have enough information and the right to determine their sexual orientation.

"Teenagers are still unstable. He will be confused if not guided constantly by his parents when starting to like the opposite sex," he added.

So what should parents do if it found the child a homosexual? Lita suggested:

1. Accept reality. Parents must be willing and able to accept the fact that her son has a sexual orientation different from it. Homosexuality, for example, by choosing to be lesbian or gay.

2. Realizing the error. Parents also need to realize and accept that this child's sexual orientation is the cause of the error pattern of his players. Realize that parents do not give full and proper attention to adolescents. Or, parents are not keen in selecting and placing children in their social environment.

3. Accept the child as it is. Teens can choose their sexual orientation. If in fact the child to be lesbian or gay, which affected the environment, parenting mistakes at home or traumatic childhood, accept the child as it is.

4. Finding the right solutions. Think and analysis by communicating to children how to cope with this situation. Find and select the most appropriate manner. Separating the child from the couple lesbinya also be one way. However, do it slowly, not with extreme action.

"Separation with lesbian couples need to be done, but slowly. If not, it will cause a new trauma. Children may rebel perform unexpected actions and reckless act with her partner," said Lita.

5. Do therapy. Further measures could meet with psychologists to do therapy to children. However, the success rate of small, especially if it does not appear in the self-consciousness of the child. This therapy will not be effective if enforced, especially if children are to choose their sexual orientation.

Appropriate parenting for teens can keep you out of tricky situations such as this.

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Nice Article, inspiring. Aku juga suka nulis artikel bidang bisnis di blogku :, silahkan kunjungi, mudah-mudahan bermanfaat. thx

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