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Cancellation of visits of President Not Affect Arts Team

/ Oct 6, 2010 /
Ambon - Cancellation of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's visit to The Hague, Netherlands, did not influence the art team to go to Maluku country windmills in order to follow the "Indonesian Culture Perfomance" on October 7, 2010

"I check the Moluccas Arts Team Coordinator, Semmy Toisutta, after seeing the Head of State a statement aired on TV, it turns out they are already on the plane to go to the Netherlands so that certainly is not affected cancellation of the visit of President Yudhoyono," said Head of Culture and the Arts Mrs Anna Likko Disbudpar Maluku when confirmed AFP, in Ambon, on Wednesday.

Arts Team Maluku previously selected arts and cultural experts from Jakarta was scheduled to perform in the Netherlands in order to enliven a dinner between President Yudhoyono with Queen Beatrix along with his team.

"So the team together from the Provincial Arts Maluku Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) and East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) has special training in Jakarta since 30 September 2010 in order to perform in the Netherlands," says Anna Likko.

He admitted that he had checked the Moluccas art team turns out they had arrived in the Netherlands.

"I called one of the team to the Netherlands and certainly they have been in the country windmills," he said.

Maluku arts team in the Netherlands will feature Lenso Dance, Terine mammary and Orlapeip.

"The team of dancers as many as six people supported the four musicians who coordinated the Head of Cultural Park Moluccas, Semmy Toisutta before been scouted in Ambon for three weeks with stunning guest harapanm when Perfomance` `Indonesian Culture," An Likko.

Touched on Indonesian Idol 2010 champion, Elicohen Christellgo Pentury aka Igo, set off with Tim Art Maluku to The Hague, the Netherlands, he explains, did not know about it.

"I really never heard that Igo Idol specifically requested by the Head of the Ministry of Promotion Section of Western Europe Budpar RI Jordy Paliyama to Holland, but certainty is not yet known," said Anna Likko.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to cancel his state visit to the Netherlands, on Tuesday, because of the movement in the land of windmills that are going to catch him and the issue of human rights violations in Indonesia.

"Before I left, my monitor last days there is a kind of movement in The Hague who will file claims court in The Hague for human rights issues in Indonesia and even to demand the arrest of the President of Indonesia when the Dutch," he said at a news conference at Air Base Prime Halim Kusuma in Jakarta, Tuesday (5 / 10), when relaying the cancellation of his departure to the Netherlands.

The President told a news reporter added, "What I can not accept is when the President went to The Hague at the invitation of the Government of the Netherlands, just when it held the hearing to decide upon the demands of arrest against the President of Indonesia. Therefore, I decided to postpone the visit this ".

Related to that, President Yudhoyono plans to send a letter to the Dutch Government's decision related to delay state visit it.

Head of State can not ensure that when it will make a state visit to the Netherlands. He said the visits will be conducted after the all clear.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was originally a state visit to the Netherlands for three days at the invitation of Queen Beatrix.

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