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Complete Clarification Cut Tari Video Porn Problem

/ Jun 10, 2010 /
Complete Clarification Cut Tari Video Porn Problem. Jakarta - Cut Tari open the gossip about the porn video sound like him with Ariel. Calmly, the former presenter of infotainment 'Insert' answered questions from journalists.

By riding a black Toyota Camry 2689 HG bernopol B, Tari arrived at his residence in Jalan Pondok Kelapa XII / 9, East Jakarta, Thursday (09/06/2010) night. When the Tari had just arrived from Bali.

Here's the full interview Tari accompanied her husband, John Joseph Subrata told reporters:

How about a porn video responses similar to Cut Tari the supply?

Now this, to me, my husband did not believe that was me. My mother gave birth to me can not believe it, my family even if it did not believe me. So for me it was enough.

Was disappointing?

Yes, if you like so you'll know what I experienced. But I return it to them. And still all about the feeling must have some feelings may not have.

According to experts, women in IT is Cut Tari video?

I've told you earlier that my husband did not believe that's me. My mother gave birth to me can not believe it. My family even if it did not believe me. So for me it was enough.

Are there any disappointments with IT experts who talk if women in these porn videos like Cut Tari?

If I do, everyone is entitled to have opinions and I can not prohibit. Because it was their right, that's what people thought.

Do you know Ariel?

No way I do not know him. I have always been in the entertainment world. I had long and I do not know the impossible. I am also familiar with Adjie Massaid, I am also familiar with Adjie Pangestu, CIU, Reza, and I know Loekman.

When did you first know about the video?

Pas when, well, a scene fit again anytime.

Will Cut Tari already getting calls from the police?

Not yet, I just arrived from out of town and directly to the hospital. Because my child is sick, so I really Jetlag.

(Tari husband, Joseph, who added): if we are not called in time to come. We do so as citizens of Indonesia should follow the existing rules.

Is there any preparation if later called the police?

I do not have any preparation to be honest. The important thing is I have a daughter and I worry if this problem always existed and continue rolling. I also have a niece who is very much under the age let alone about things like this very strong sense of desire him once and that was what I feared. Worried that my nephew so affected. We try to be more resilient again.

There are practically the same fear that there are women in porn videos like Ariel?

Everyone knows that such is what kind diomongin. But this is a risk of working in the entertainment world and this includes risk. My husband had a wife working in the entertainment world for me so everything was a risk of a job.

How can a husband give credence to Cut Tari if not far from the gossip?

(Yusuf answer) Do not tell me a great soul. I'm only one soul. I turn again and not wise I can not do anything about it, I just prayed, pleaded, tried, and draw lessons from the events there.

Will Cut Tari've seen the video?

I'm really lazy seen anything like it, honestly I was shocked. I am most reluctant to see it, so you do not see it on laziness.

Seeing him like what? How can dimirip-miripkan?

If you want to say like it or not, I often say that like A, B, C, D. For me the important anyway back to the beginning, my husband did not believe that's me. My mother gave birth to me can not believe it. My family even if it did not believe me so for me it was enough.

Be careful to know the man?

So far I was always careful in doing things. Still, and this is a risk.

How to address the problems that always come at the Cut Tari?

How to bang react to it. If indeed we like it well like this. But then you wants any clarification and this is what we want. We are not going away any of you, why. If you say do not avoid it, do I just returned from out of town. No desire to go home to avoid them.

There will be a decisive action from Tari Cut about this?

I do not have to like it, not important to me. What's important is that there are people in this house. Useless to others if I must how-how. My husband and I have always been fine right you can see them. And how else should I have to speak.

Own parents how?

It must be shocked and we'll talk. Back again with a long conversation they can understand. Especially my husband really know who I am and my mother.

Jobs himself how keep it running?

If their party does not have any statement to me and to this day. They still do not directly assess how-how but they really think and be careful in moving.

The ring used in the video like your ring?

I'm from a small, clamps, headbands and if I use it sometimes. But from the little I did not ever wear so gituan. It is feared lost, if I wear a headband like a headache.

Cut Tari for yourself how the response is about a husband who so give full trust?

Alhamdullilah been a decent husband and I figure I call a husband. That's all I can say. You are a good person (putting his arm around her husband)

Is fear of bad image?

Image problem, I turn to people and have their own assessment. Complete Clarification Cut Tari Video Porn Problem.

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