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Novel Review Negara 5 Menara ( State 5 Tower)

/ Jun 10, 2010 /
Novel Review Negara 5 Menara  ( State 5 Tower). New best-selling novel by Ahmad Fuadi "State 5 Tower" tells the story of five people friend who was boarding at a boarding school, and then met again when they were growing up. Interestingly, after the meeting, it turns out what they imagine when waiting Azhan Maghrib under the mosque tower actually happened.

Ahmad Alif Fuadi that serves as the novel's story, he did not expect and do not believe it could be like this now. The boy from the village of Bayur, Maninjau, West Sumatra, it is expected the village boy could become a religious teacher like his parents desired. Fuadi parents desire is not wrong of course. As "amak" or mother at the time, wanted to have their children become people who are respected in the village as a religious teacher.

"Having a child who is a pious and devoted a priceless legacy, because his parents can pray where time is gone," said Ahmad Fuadi recalled Amak desire in the village at that time.

But apparently the alias Alif Fuadi have other desires. He did not want to live in the village all his life. He has ideals and a desire to wander. He wanted to see the outside world and want to succeed as a number of figures that he'd read in books or hear stories of his friends in the village. However, the desire Alif is not easy to achieve. His parents did not flinch so Fuadi stay and school in the village to become a teacher of religion. But thanks to the advice of "Mak Etek" or uncle who was studying in Cairo, a small Fuadi finally able to leave the cottage Madani, Gontor, East Java. And, this is where the story and then scrolling. In summary Fuadi then met with King aka Adnin Amas, Atang Kuswandani alias, alias Dulmajid Monib, Baso Budiman and Ikhlas Said alias alias Abdul Qodir.

The five boys studying at boarding school every afternoon this Gontor has a unique habit. Toward the Maghrib Azan gathered at the mosque tower, looking down into the clouds. By imagining the clouds that they inflated their dreams. For example Fuadi admitted if the cloud was shaped like the continent of America, a country he wanted to visit someday graduate. So did other countries illustrate that cloud like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the European Continent.

Lika meanders through life in boarding schools that are not imaginable over the years, the five students were drawn to meet in London, England a few years later. And, they later prove nostalgic for their dreams and each other when looking at the clouds beneath the mosque tower Gontor Boarding School, East Java.

Studying at the seminary for Fuadi apparently given its own color for him. He was previously assumed that boarding schools are conservative, old fashioned, "tacky" it is a big mistake. In the pesantren turned out really menjujung high discipline, so that the students scored a responsible and committed. In boarding schools the students were mentally "burned" by his religious teacher that does not easily give up. Every day, before entering the classroom, always echoed the words of incantation "Manjadda Wajadda" if it meant it would work.

"Who would have thought if a child Fuadi village has now achieved his dream to go to school and work in the United States? For that, do not stop to dream, "said Ahmad Fuadi give advice. Novel Review Negara 5 Menara  ( State 5 Tower).

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