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Iwan Tirta - Indonesian Batik Heroes Died

/ Aug 3, 2010 /
Now, batik clothes favored by all levels of Indonesian society. First time, batik clothes worn by the identical parent, by grandparents who are very old. Very little wear, batik clothes as youth culture is not part of Indonesia. And now, the reasons above has started to fade. From toddlers, children, adolescents, youth to adults to wear batik. There's no shame, there is even a sense of pride. Yes, pride. Indonesian Batik Heroes Died.

Iwan Tirta died of kidney disease and heart. He closed the age of  75 years in age. Iwan Tirta was buried on Saturday afternoon (July 31, 2010) in place public cemetery "“Karet Bivak."

Indonesia lost its best son back. During his life Iwan Tirta, who concerned He is known to Indonesian batik. Iwan Tirta Batik introduced in modern clothing it is not ceasing. Up to make the dress shirt is not an ancient Indonesian batik.

So, no one Maestro Batik Indonesia, Iwan Tirta, identical with batik clothes both domestically and abroad. Iwan Tirta batik apply never innovate on the porcelain.

Among the many fashion designers are competing to create the beautiful batik clothes and quality, need we remind you, should make batik clothes according to Islamic norms. Do not let Indonesian batik shirt style clothes minimal follow in the western world. That's not the culture of Indonesia. Make the appropriate batik clothes and religion.

Let us preserve Indonesian batik shirts. Do not let this masterpiece Indonesia is recognized in other countries. If not we who preserve batik, who?

Let us take the good side of a Iwan Tirta, and was fitting for us to leave his side quickly. May the Indonesian batik equipment victorious when Iwan Tirta left us.

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Turut berduka freinds

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