Chelsea's victory Photo Gallery 2012

/ May 20, 2012 /

Chelsea players to celebrate the Champions League at the Stadium Fussball Arena,Munich, 05.20.2012, local time. Chelsea Bayern Munich 4-3 fold by a shootout.

Chelsea striker from Ivory Coast, Didier Drogba, celebrating the Champions League trophy at the Stadium Fussball Arena, Munich, 20.05.2012. Drogba scored the positionin the 88th minute and Chelsea sealed victory over Bayern Munich 4-3 in the shootout.

Two heroes of Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech and Didier Drogba bomber, which is celebrating its success led his team to Champions League victory at the StadiumFussball Arena, Munich, 05.20.2012. "The Blues" won the Champions League for the first time after bending the host Bayern Munich 4-3 via a shootout.
The Bayern Munich player sat lamenting the failure of his team win the ChampionsLeague in his own headquarters, Fussball Arena Stadium, 20/5/2012. Chelsea 3-4Bayern humiliated by a shootout.

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Restless Heart Go left Students

/ Aug 26, 2011 /
Hi .. blogger friends, my family in the town of Cirebon - Indonesia has a boarding school. Boarding school is the oldest institution of Islamic education in Indonesia and humans proved superior print. The name is Salafiyyah Darurrohmah pesantren. To see details please click boarding. At boarding school I was as a brother or an elder who guided the students in various activities at the seminary. Here's how I feel when the students return to their homes for a holiday of Ramadan:

This two-day my heart feels restless, empty, sad, guilty, emotion, happy, and lazy whack.
Somehow my heart restless. Is it because there fit my diligent students. Wake up early, teach, remind, even almost memarahai them. Being the last days of students go home, it's my new characters appear real. Just maghrib prayer at 18:55, not bad! That was super quick prayer. Isha in congregation and tarawih abandoned. Add this empty heart. Especially this morning and afternoon. Where in Jakarta when I intend to work, sweeping, nyuci plate, just help out. Opponent feeling lazy there. But it turns out, I fell asleep, woke up at sembilanan fitting, tens of hours I see kids smk were removing tiles with wa Ahun and indeed Qodir. 're Cleaning up. I'm fitting to see the activity, I even fell asleep again. Then woke up at ten, uh ... sleep again.

Whereas the heart is so heavy not to participate. Heart is also crowded. Already thousands, even millions of times warned, it turns out, is greater self-controlled nafsyu. Basic nafsyu you become a slave!

Today also, when the students are going home tomorrow, I compromised with myself nafsyu is to break the fast only. Menjajanjikan cancel pleasure during fasting. Fortunately this did not happen and not happen. Do not let it hurt that occurred last years reoccur. Do not. Heart continues to admonish and warn.

Things that make me nervous anymore besides it before, probably because no implementation of memorization as a prerequisite Asmaul Husna students home. I've also been informed. And true what I say to students that as much as possible do not be canceled. But nevertheless ... whatever ..

Too tired heart, mind ... ... ... .... But the joy of activities sntri pretty good run the other day and fill in with a good thing. Besides, my mother also could ngajar Alhamdulillah ... .. to treat the sick soul. So first ngetiknya, heart, mind and nafsyu is so tired ... and shortness of ... ..
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Create What I Live?

/ Aug 25, 2011 /
During the end of high school and early college I've been asked about "Why should I live?" "What should I do in this life?" "What sehatusnya I do?" "What about the hopes and ideals that I achieved but not achieved? "

For a moment I think. When the big question comes when I'm down, when my faith down, when I do sin. When hopes and dreams have not or do not even reached. I am sure this anxiety emerged as a responsive heart in this self-assess that violate fitara HEART, SHOTS Apostles and of course the provisions of God.

Already, now you quickly exert your obligations and exert their rights. Hurry now mandatory shower. Hurry improve your life. Fix akhakmu until your life is not agitated. Full of peace and calmness and clarity of thinking. Unlike today's hurried, restless, anxious and brothers are not reassured the others.
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/ Dec 16, 2010 /
There is fear in
There is a sense of inner restless
There is a sense of self prustasi

Fear, fear fear da
always haunt!

value of college,

No less terrifying
family relationships,
relation of friends,
relationship with my own self ...

I'm afraid, afraid
with my own self
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